05 January 2011

It was a good day...

no running.... just momming.  

But for me, that's living the dream :)  Wallowing in the beauty that is my dream come true!

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

– Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. YES!! Without dreaming, I'd be nothing.

  2. lovely picture
    and I love that quote...it is so true
    wise woman...

  3. how do i get my dreams in to reality? Maybe they'll start coming when I hit my 30s...

  4. Ok.

    Loving this.

  5. LOVED this post!! great reminder that there is so much more than just running and being a mom sounds like so much fun!! i will be there probably April 11-15:) I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU and for your pb and j

  6. Gorgeous picture, and beautiful child. I loved the reminder today to live our dreams. Sometimes I get so caught up in the one thing I'm obsessing over, that I forget to look up and enjoy all the OTHER things in my life. THANKS for the reminder!


  7. Love this! My kids are the best part about life! Loved your post today. I don't judge either but I also don't have milk in our diet much. My kids rarely drink milk and my husband and I never. We do have soy in our coffee. My mom raised me with no milk as I know many cultures are the same. But that burger, fries and milkshake you mentioned...sounds yummy and I love a treat like that every rare once and awhile.

  8. Okay, I only run when someone's chasing me with something dangerous, so I must be living the dream daily.


    Seriously, beautiful.

  9. Oh, I really love that picture. So peaceful. Beautiful. You know what I also love? Your comments on my blog! I look forward to them all the time because they crack me up!!

  10. Love those days. So few and far between in the craziness of life! Momming-truly is living the dream! Great post!


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