07 January 2011

Giving a shout-out to Palermo!

I continue to be fascinated by the Google Analytics feature!

The other day Taking It On was visited by someone in Palermo, Italy... for 5 whole minutes!  Mille grazie!  I'm thinking maybe they are either related to me or else it took them that long to realize that it wasn't worth translating or maybe it took them that long to decide I was just nuts. 

The last time I brought up this fascination, I had just been visited by a North Dakotan.  Well, that person has not been back :(... guess they got all they needed in that 30 minutes they spent that day perusing the ol' bloggorama.  And I was still looking to complete my Visitors Collection, wanting a click from Nevada, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota and Vermont.  Well, now I just need Idaho, Montana, and South Dakota ;-)  Maybe when I do my big roadtrip I'll have to find an internet café (do they still have those) in each of those states and check out my own blog!  lol

I am not sure why I find this so interesting and intriguing.  But I do.

Quirky, that's me.

I sure do have fun writing these things and reading all of your comments... and checking out all of YOUR blogs... and adding my 2¢ in those 'comments' sections!

Thanks, everyone!


  1. 5 minutes to fall in love...that's all it takes here, my friend ;)

  2. Dang,, I don't have family in Idaho anymore or I'd totally be on that! If I get up there anytime soon I'll be sure to hop online and visit! :)

    You got me curious so I checked out my map-haven't looked in a while. Some very cool international locations! It's exciting!

    Oh, and ironically I am still missing 3 states too, Louisiana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. What;s up with So Dakota? And when are you doing a road trip?

  3. I got a hit from the Department of Justice a while back, and now about once a month, I get someone from DC checking in. I also have some fan in Brazil, and Germany, and someone from Australia checks in from time to time, and while I know someone in Oz, they are not in that particular town.

    Analytics is über-fun to check out.

  4. i was hoping for a link to your "scrabble letter winner selection technique" - please I need enlightenment!!

  5. I love the stats too... such a geek!


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