03 December 2010

North Dakota!


The other day I was checking out the Google Analytics thing where you can find out how many people visit your blog and where they are from and how long they look and how many pages they go through... that information that must be important to people who are trying to make money at this biz... or who are concerned with their popularity.  I noticed that there had been no visitors to my blog from Nevada, Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakota, and Vermont.

For some unknown reason, I found that interesting... not surprising but interesting.  Then, a day later, North Dakota turned green!  Someone from North Dakota spent nearly a half an hour reading 28 pages... are there actually 28 pages?  Or maybe they clicked open the blog and then needed to go to the market... and their cat played with the mouse.  I had a strangely giddy feeling when I saw that something I had to say possibly appealed to someone in North Dakota... even more so than the person in Croatia.  I know that many hits on my blog have been solely due to my giveaways... but not North Dakota!

So, thank you, North Dakota, for coming and checking out the scene.  And big thanks to EVERYone who comes from time to time to see how the plates are spinning over here in my neck of the woods!

It is nice to have an audience ;-)


  1. awesome.
    just recently found out about that data stuff....it's very cool!

  2. Ha that is awesome!! I didn't know you could look up stuff like that. Next time I am in Nevada I will look you up!

    P.S. My husband tells me to suck it up to when i am complaining ha!

  3. I told you that it is addictive!!! Don't say I didn't warn you.


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