26 December 2010

What moron shops on Christmas Eve?

Ummmm... yeah...

I was there.  

Toys R Us on December 24, baby.  Be there or be square.  All the happenin' folk were in the house groovin' on the sweet and relaxing holiday vibes... well, for me it was like that ;-)

I hate rushed, last-minute Christmas preparations.  Almost as much as I hate low-flow toilets and waste-free lunches.  I try to do things ahead of time when it comes to Christmas... even though I am, by nature, a procrastinator.  That said, there is something about going shopping on that final day.  Out in the world the adrenaline is high and the patience-threshold is low... people are FREAKING out.

Every couple of years I will venture out just to see the 'show'.  Once I even went to Toys R Us after 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve... it was pretty empty... of people AND toys.  My day-before-Christmas shopping is always just extras (I know the must-haves are long gone by that point) and the nice thing is that I can just bail if the scene gets too scary.  I can be super nice to the cashiers and stock people and other shoppers and assholes in the parking lot.  I smile a lot at everyone and try to spread some Holiday Cheer.  Some people like that, but I think it really bugs most (kinda like that nearly neon shade of green).

So I got my two things at TRU and headed over to Target.  It was around lunch time.  Miss C was getting testy.  We had already been across town at the skating rink getting Baby X her Big Present From Santa (which I had totally forgotten about.  Kept looking at the small bag of gifts for her, knowing something was missing but unable to determine what... then she read me her 'secret Santa list' on Thursday night... *doh* right! not supposed to keep that stuff secret, honey).  Thankfully they had what I was looking for.

One can see the Target parking lot from the freeway.  One can even see the access road.

Bumper to bumper.

Skipped it.  Went home.  Nap time for Miss C and wrapping fest for mommy.

My Cheer was tapped out.

And I knew I would be needing some at about 1 a.m.

I ended up still needing some at 2.


  1. Phew those late shopping expeditions are harrowing!

  2. Santa had a bit too much cheer this year, and Mrs Santa fell asleep making sure kids were all snug in their beds....some of the stocking stuffers ended up in the wrong stockings...oops.

  3. UGH! Christmas Eve shopping? How horrifying!! Hope you and your family had a great Holiday once the last minute madness was over!

  4. wouldn't hallmark say, "where memories are made?"

  5. Merry Christmas! I cut it pretty close to the end this year, not good!

  6. 4 years ago I went to Target... after 7pm... on Christmas Eve... I'm still recovering. Hope you had a great Christmas.

  7. I love all the craziness, too! I think I was up past 3. I was preparing a breakfast casserole (frying sausage!) at about 2. Insanity!!

  8. Oh, did I mention that while Santa was having a "glass of cheer" (or two or three) he was also making Strata for breakfast? Kinda fun to use the sharpest knife in the house (the one he cut the bajeesus out of his thumb and needed stitches a couple of months ago) to cut bread and ham.

  9. You are one brave chick braving TRU like that. I almost didn't survive the grocery store and they don't even have toys.

  10. Wow, brave brave brave....and dedicated.....lucky kids! :)


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