31 December 2010

Bad Pants

Such a crap run today.  And I am blaming it partly on the pants.

It is cold here today.  As in below 50ºF!  We live near the water, and there is a light wind blowing.  Adding in the windchill factor, I'd say it feels possibly as cold as 45ºF!  Ah-ha-ha-ha!  I crack myself up!  I know some of you are out there in the snow, and some are in Minnesota (for crying out loud, do you know how freakin' frosty it is in Minnesota?!) which is worse than being in the snow.  But this is cold for us wimpy California folk ;-)

I needed to dress accordingly.  I tend to get warm very quickly but hate being cold while I am warming up.  If it were to be a long run, I would have headed out in a short-sleeved shirt and my favorite lightweight stretchy-fleecy running pants.  But today called for a short run.  Long-sleeves.  I would have worn my favorite pants... but they were in the wash (having helped me through my abysmal "threshold" run on Wednesday night... belly-achin' for real... hard to run when you are literally doubled over... I kept thinking it was just gas and would soon pass... but it wasn't and it didn't).

Not really sure why I decided to wear my 26-year old nylon Adidas track pants... other than they look really cool and the fabric is sort of wind-resistant... but I did.  The elastic waist no longer works.  The pants slid down almost immediately.  And the nylon fabric is not stretchy at all.  So the way they clung to my hips, thighs and bum was nearly immobilizing.  I seriously felt like I was running with one of my kids clinging to my legs, crying "no, mommy, don't run, don't run"  the whole. dang. way.

But I finished the three miles in the allotted time.

This is what greeted me as I walked up to the front door...

yet another fun thing about having "all those kids"... random weaponry in the shrubbery.

And when I came inside it was noted aloud that I really stank.  After three measly miles.  And in Bad Pants.


  1. Too funny! I can relate to the weaponry in the bushes. Happy New Year!

  2. Too funny! Reminds me of when I started running again after having my first baby. Didn't really fit into any proper running gear, so had to make do with the pants I had. They fell down, and I had to keep yanking them up every 3-4 strides. There came a point, though when I realized I was just yanking up my underwear, and not the pants. It was about that time when I said screw it and ran home (hiding my head, of course)!

  3. i wish this whole 'global warming' thing would hurry up and get here. I can't wait until my neighborhood is ten degrees warmer the whole year!


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