11 December 2010

Beauty and the Struggle

Today's run was lame.  Even though it started out on a good foot (ha ha), I really struggled to stay with it.  I did the hour I wanted... and went a bit over 6 miles... but it was really sloggy, which is a step above shuffly.  And the biggest bummer of all was that not a single great song was played by Pandora during that WHOLE HOUR!  What is with that chick?  Usually she really sets me up with awesome tunes, but not today...

I would love a device that plays the songs I want to hear all the time and is smaller than a large calculator.

A device like an iPod shuffle, perhaps.  Or maybe a nano.  And it would sound best if it were pink ;-)

There was an amazing thing going on while I was running, however.  And it was impossible to ignore.  Blew my socks off and kept me smiling through that whole hour of annoyance...

My large calculator-sized phone took this picture which, while lovely and kind of spectacular, like most amateur photos of a sunset, does not even come close to truly doing it justice.  You can just make out the two towers of the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance, mid picture.  This looks almost pastel and somewhat subdued, but it is pretty.  The actual colors were ultra-vivid... bright red and orange and magenta and yellow.  But this is pretty.

It helped me stay focused on finishing my run, and appreciating that I can run and get to run in such a gorgeous place.

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend, too!


  1. That's beatutiful!!

  2. WOW! That is gorgeous and your phone took that. Oh I hate when pandora sucks. I have a ipod shuffle that is pink and I LOVE it. Have a great Sunday.

  3. wow beautiful...perfect postcard picture!


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