29 December 2010


When people ask that really important question...
the one all moms with three or more children hear more often than they care to keep track of...
you know, the one that's usually asked in a really incredulous, almost disdainful and contemptuous tone of voice but occasionally expressed in a tone of fantastical wonderment and adulation (we like those people!)...
this question:

Why do you have all those kids?

The latter category knows why, and for them it is simply a rhetorical question.  But to the former group, my wish for you is that one day you can get lost in the joy that is this...

My fourth baby.  

I needed this in my life.


  1. Oh my word-adorable!! And dang it, I wish Charlotte would talk....
    Don't you feel bad for those who don't understand and appreciate how amazing these moments are? Bliss! :)
    Also, just so you know, my 7yr old son stood behind me watching this saying "Awww...so sweet. Awww...Awww....Oh hey, that's like the pink bucket we used as a rolling sled the other day" Nice.

  2. I get the following two questions as the dad of 4 girls. Number 1 with a bullet: "Trying for a boy?" --Nope, after the first was about 18 months old, I came home and told the wife, "I want 3 more just like it." Number 2, and the one that makes me laugh the most. "Mormon, or Catholic?"--Neither really, but that is besides the point.

    My wife gets, "Are they ALL yours?" from time to time. She answered once, "No, I just borrow them from the neighbors just to see what it is like."

  3. One thing comes to mind: the warning label on 5 gallon buckets "keep out of reach of children if full of water" or something like that.

    If you post too many videos like that I'm going to marry the first girl on the street, and in this town that might not be a good thing!

  4. So sweet! I've mostly had positive comments, and since ours are all boys,yes, seven of them,(yours, mine and ours) some people tell me there's a special place in heaven for me - or they just burst out laughing!

  5. Love this video of Miss C. Singing!


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