15 December 2010

The Great Santa Rip-Off

So I took my kids to see Santa yesterday.  I think only the middle two are believers.  Big G hasn't talked about it, but I think he is on to the Real Deal.  Planning on opening up that conversation in the next few days...  And Miss C is not really old enough to care about a fake fat guy in a red and white suit.

So we get there.  It is sort of rainy.  Late afternoon bordering on evening.  It's an outdoor mall... a very nice one at that.  We find the Santa Cabin.  I get my phone-camera ready to go.


"We ask that visitors refrain from using their own photographic devices" says the sign at the door.


Seventeen freaking dollars for ONE stinkin' picture... the sign also says.

Jaw. Dropped.

"Visiting Santa is free.  As are hugs and cuddles and reading of wish lists."

We took the free route.  No pics with The Fat Man.  He was kind of pervy anyway.  My husband said, "Aren't they all?  At least kind of?"  Yeah, he's right.

But I did take this shot at the mall's tree:

Yes, this is a typical pose for the offspring of XLMIC.  One kid's backside, one kid screaming, one kid trying unsuccessfully to soothe screaming kid, and the other kid smirking at the chaos.  (You'd never know their daddy is a professional photographer).

The really odd thing was that aside from the "reality" photo and the rip-off-ness of the Santa Cabin, we had an amazing and fun time!  The kids were really up and cooperative mostly.  We went out for pizza.  All of it got eaten, no water got spilled, no whining happened... Given how they always are when I take them out all together, I was blown away with delight!

I think that might have been my Christmas present ;-)


  1. oh boy the Santa "free" visit...a delicate subject for me....it is not FREE if they ask you for here $18 for a 5x7....! Really? luckily for me this year we found another cheaper Santa at a store called Bass Pro Shop..do they have those everywhere? maybe! anyway they say it is free and it was for a 4x6 AND ok for me to take 1 picture with my camera...Yes we had to wait more then 30 minutes but it was FREE for real

  2. $17
    dollars, is right.

    What a joke.

  3. Seventeen dollars that is ridiculous...it's kind of like race photos! LOVE THE PICTURE you took....it would be weird if they were standing perfect, gives them character:) have a great day!

  4. it is so true about the race photos...

  5. My kids have never gotten a picture with Santa for that reason! Well, that and I think Aislyn would be very freaked out by him...


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