28 December 2010

We'll get to Christmas soon... I promise

But first I want you to see how close to getting a lump of coal I came this year...

Definitely not one of my parenting highlights.

I really wish I didn't have a story to tell on Worlds Worst Moms... but I do.  Lots of them, actually.  But one particular tale sticks in my craw like ...  I don't know... what's the worst thing you can think of sticking in your craw?

You can read about my stellar handling of a bit of Mothers Day disappointment here.


  1. oh no! that's ... heartbreaking. As a haiku lover (it's the only poetry I can stomach) i don't think I'd have seen it, either.

  2. I can write haikus about anything (and have...) But I didn't see it either!
    (I too saw a little slacker of a kid! HAH!)
    My heart hurt for you guys, really. Oh man, you are brave lady potting that on the interwebs- good for you...


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