15 December 2010


My eight-year old daughter (aka Baby X) shows up to the car after school the other day... sporting only one sock.  

Me:  Where's your sock?
She:  Right here.  (holds up sock full of rocks and tied in a knot to close it up)
Me:  Great... (rolling eyes)... is there some sort of plan that goes along with ruining a sock?  I hope you are not planning on using that to hurt one of your brothers?  (not out of the realm of possibilities... ever)
She:  Ummm... I'm not sure yet what it is.  Not a weapon.  Not sure....

First of all, where did she find the rocks on the school's grounds?  Secondly, didn't any yard teacher notice that she was making an inner-city weapon?  The yard teachers at our school notice precious little, but that is a topic for a different day.

Thankfully, we visited a playground while waiting for Big G to have his piano lesson and there was a long piece of twine hanging from a tree!  PERFECT!  

Rock sock + twine hanging from tree = TetherSock!

Just need to make sure the game doesn't get too spirited... or dental work might be necessary.

And watch out for the eager-to-play-too toddler.  


  1. What the heck? A mom - in the 21st century - actually let her children throw a sockful of rocks around? thank you for not surrounding your children in giant padded sumo suits! I hope to read more stunts of similar style :)

  2. Tether Sock is a cool game. A lot of people don't realize this, but before I got completely addicted to smack I was # 3 in the World Tether Sock Rankings.

    Anyway, Chow Pan Gong from China was # 1 at the time. I think he still might be. # 2 was this guy named Joos Haalweilder from Holland. Dude smelled like complete shit but Goddamn he could sock.

    I could never beat those guys. And believe me, I tried.


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