03 December 2010

Santa Puppy Robeez Giveaway

These very gently worn baby shoes are too cute to give to just anyone, so I am offering them out to someone here.  Anyone interested?
They are size 6-12 months and are real Robeez.  
They have been worn by one of my children and have a little scuffing on the toes, the soles are still suede-y so they aren't slippery, they have been washed...

I am hoping to find them a new home in time for them to be worn during this appropriate holiday season! 

 These are the bottoms:

If you are interested in these super cute baby shoes, leave a comment letting me know.  Give me a little tidbit about your little snuggums who will be wearing these... you needn't be an official follower, though that'll increase your chances twofold.  And if you are visiting my blog from Nevada, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota or Vermont... that'll give you triple the opportunity to win!  lol  For real.

I'll leave this giveaway open until next Wednesday... 'cuz who knows how many (or how few) people will be interested in these adorable Santa Puppies!

(Do we really need a disclaimer on these Puppies?  I think not.)


  1. Crap I am going to have to road trip to Nevada. I have no one to give those too...someday.
    P.S. glad we are bff's!

  2. my little monkey would love to wear these . . well she would love to play with her feet when they are on and I would love to see them on her.
    I follow

  3. Those are adorable....my friend just had triplets...would be perfect for her little ones when my daughter was done with them!

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  4. My adorable nephew would LOVE these. Thanks for the giveaway. cindyhinckley at msn.


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