23 December 2010

XLMIC... is it 1,059?

What does it mean?

A follower recently wondered if I am roman numerals.  And continued with pointing out that if I am roman numerals, I really butchered the rules!

Let's see... the X before the L would make it 40....  And the 40 then before the M would make that 960? And that IC... wouldn't that be 99?  So 960 + 99 = 1,059.

So at long last I will uncover the meaning behind the secret code that is me...

The important note here is that I am very concerned about internet privacy and safety and really endeavor to guard mine in the best way my luddite self knows how.  I know that showing pics of my kids and family and home kinda blows my cover a little... but no names, no specific places we frequent, stuff like that... so I can only go so far in exposing certain XLMIC mysteries!

It mostly started here.  And it just got worse.

I used to row.  While I am not by normal standards a small person (5'7", 125 lbs.), I was miniscule in the rowing world.  Even in the smaller person category (lightweights), I was considered small (mostly because of my skinniness and just a little because of the height).  So it was a huge joke.  Large Marge.  Get it?

And then my hilarious best friend got the wise idea to make that EXTRA Large Marge... because that summer I was EXTRA small... trying to be a coxswain and weighing as little as 105 lbs.  Yes, scary-looking but it was only temporary... don't worry ;-)  And because I was the coxswain (who is the person who gets to yell at everyone and tell them what to do while sitting in the boat and hopefully steering and motivating) I was "in charge."  Hence, I became...

EXtra Large Marge In Charge...

but some of them took to just calling me XL.


They thought they were so funny.


  1. ridiculous? maybe.
    fun to say? yes.

    (Oh, FYI, after my next comments I'm going to say: "large marge sent me". Do I think I'm funny, oh sometimes.)

  2. Great Googly-moogly!!! 11 kids!! Dang...that is crazy.

    Extra-Large Marge In Charge is awesome.

  3. Okay, you do rowing, I do paddling on a Dragon Boat team. This is getting eerie - cue the Twilight Zone music

  4. Love it. I figured it was butchered Roman Numerals- glad you cleared it up for us!
    I am XL too (as in barely 5'2") so I get a lot of trouble from my friends. What's up with picking on the little guys? GRRRR!

  5. I have always wondered and now I know!!!!!!!!

  6. I was so darn close ;) lol I love it!


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