31 January 2011

Granny's Gadgets #5

I can't believe no one even tried to guess this one!

Y'all are a bunch of chickens!
At least four of my facebookers took a stab at it...

Speaking of chickens... that's a hint...

Here is the gadget

This gadget really worked!  I rarely am able to get an egg peel off cleanly.  Usually the egg ends up looking chewed on and very gross, with bits of shell and raggedy membrane all over the place.  Big yuck.  I will now be using this gadget regularly!  

I have always done these in one take, but my 5-year old started chiming in ... and it wasn't cute... so I did a re-take.  The initial attempt at turning the water on with the egg jammed into that rubber thing was truly comical... lots of spurting water and exclamations.  Bummed you all missed it :(

How do you like your eggs?

– me... I am very moody about my eggs... sometimes I love poached and sometimes they gross me out.  I guess I hardly ever go wrong with scrambled :)


  1. I NEVER would have guessed that! lol Very cool though!
    And scrambled. Only scrambled! except hard boiled diced up over a salad or something.

    I would have loved to see the first take! Sounds priceless. :)

  2. I wasn't scared. I was lazy. I knew I could wait a while and you'd give us the answer. Pathetic, eh? :)

  3. And brilliant gadget. I cannot stand when I make deviled eggs and the whites have divets in them from shells adhering to the egg.

  4. I'm So curious as to how many of these gadgets you actually have!! This one is pretty cool!

    I eat boiled or scrambled egg whites and A LOT of them!

    Have a great day:)

  5. Was it an old wives tale about placing freshly boiled eggs in cold water to easily remove the shell? I seem to remember hearing this come up around Easter time.

  6. The cold water thing is not something you can depend on... at least not dependable as the QUICK SHELL EGG PEELER! lol

  7. that is a disaster waiting to happen. takes longer to deal with that contraption than to throw the egg across the room and have the shells fall off. (that's what i do) - sherry


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