01 February 2011


Language acquisition in little ones is quite possibly one of the most amazing and adorable developmental stages ever!

Miss C is going to be 2 in a bit more than a month, and she is such a talker!  Her toddlerspeak from the other day was "breast-kissin' on the chicken" which translates into "breakfast is in the kitchen."  Everyone in the family needs to be on guard regarding what they say because she picks up on everything.  Some choice phrases have escaped our mouths in her presence... and did not escape her ears!  Fortunately, they have been forgotten due to lack of repetition ;-)

Her latest expression is:

Don't spill it, home skillet.

This girl is just 




Do you know what your first word or sentence was?

– my first word was "hi".  I would get into mischievous situations, look around, and say "hi" with a disarming smile to the person about to bust me :)

If you have kids, what was the most adorable thing your child(ren) said?

In addition to Miss C's above cutenesses, the other kids have said some pretty cute stuff:
– Big G:  "girls like beautiful but boys... they like 'cool.' " (he was about 4)  and let's not forget 'darp'
–Baby X:  she used to call Chevrolet cars 'chile verde'.
–Q-Man:  he is the guy who invented 'chuther.'


  1. I love to hear kids attempt and struggle their way through language.

    It's adorable!

  2. Awwwwwww :D
    Bag-sketty (spaghetti) Hoss-be-dull (hospital) There's so many, its such a wonderful thing time though!

  3. You always make me so baby hungry!! She is absolutely adorable!! I love how she says breakfast ha!
    The soft-boiled eggs....I am sorry you had to eat that~~

  4. Kieran used to call bananas just a jumble of tongue rolling. Like the b sound followed by mexican r's and sputtering. I can't really type it or explain it but it was super cute. And Aislyn has been a talker since day one. No was probably her first word after Mama. (She's still a mama's girl.) Almost every day she busts out a new word, today it was slippery.

  5. So much fun! I love it!!!

    Liam (now 3) is starting to pick up "cool" sayings from his friends. The latest: that's kinda weird!

    Cracks me up!


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