28 February 2011

Granny's Gadgets #9

Are you feeling lucky?

You should be because this week you get two Granny's Gadgets in the same day!

Woo hoo!

Great things often come in pairs ;-)

I ate this whole grapefruit when we finished filming.  It was delish.  Juiciest, sweetest thing ever.  Even my 2-year old liked it!  What 2-year old likes grapefruit?

Do you like grapefruit?  What is your favorite citrus fruit?

Have you ever used one of these bent knives or jaggedy spoons?  Other citrus-related gadgets?


  1. so I'm wondering this, aside from your wonderful background music of Winnie the Pooh, would those work for Oranges because I (and the rest of my family) find grapefruit to be absolutely repulsive.

  2. I like fresh grapefruit juice in a tall salted-rim glass with vodka in it.

  3. I never eat grapefruit and I hate buying oranges because the kids make me peel them and it drives me batty!!!

  4. Haven't eaten citrus in a while, but when we lived in FL, there were so many varieties of grapefruit that there was bound to be one that everyone liked.

  5. Those are some GREAT looking grapefruit!! ;-) ;-)

    But I will have to side with Chris K on this one, and say that minus the Citron Vodka they don't do much for me. We do have two spoons though, and Number 2 and the Mrs. both love them. I'm more of an lemon and lime guy, Especial(ly) when mixed together.

  6. You crack me up.

    I'm starting to think that my mom must have every kitchen gadget ever made. She also has some little two prong knife thing that goes between each section so that you can cut both sides at once (does that make sense).

    As for grapefruit, I'm not a very big fan. I love oranges and clementines though.

  7. Ha ha! Love the pic! I like grapefruit but I eat it like an orange. My hubby LOVES grapefruit. He brings 2 of them to work with him every day! Laughing at Chris K.'s comment! That's sounds dang good right now!!!

  8. That was me. Signed in under the wrong account:)

  9. Greatest Marvel of the World:
    No matter how many times you put your spoon in a grapefruit, you can always get more juice.

    I have no idea how it does it, but its awesome.


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