13 February 2011

Does this count as 'cooking'?

–I learned something new today!  And I am so excited to now know this!

Did you know that you can microwave spinach?

I was so hungry at lunchtime... and so lazy but wanted to minimize prep and clean up.  I wanted some brown rice, roasted chicken and some sort of vegetable.  The rice and chicken were leftovers... so nuking was sort of a given.  But the veggie...

I was feeling way too lazy busy to boil water and steam anything and then have to clean up the pot and the steamer.  Is that pathetic?

Hmmmmmm.... I thought.  What will happen if I throw a few handfuls of spinach into the pyrex bowl containing the rice and chicken?  Sprinkle a little extra water to give it that 'steaming' effect and cover it with plastic wrap...  The worst that could happen is it could explode and start a fire, right?  I happen to have a fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen (like everyone does, right?) so that could be handled.  It might ruin everything in the bowl and I'd have to rethink my lunch.  Cereal could work if that happened.  Okay... so I gave it a shot.

It worked!

I am guessing that most of you already know this trick.  Well, now I know, too.  So there.  It ain't a secret from me anymore ;-)

Do you microwave?
–I used to be totally anti-microwave.  Totally.  Now I sing a different tune.  I use it at least a few times a day.

Have you ever had a microwave disaster?
–Yes!  The worst one that involved proper microwave use (i.e. not putting metal in there) was when I tried heating up a microwaveable hot pack.  I followed the directions... heat for 'x' amount of time, knead it to redistribute the heat, heat again in 30 second increments... but I may have gotten a little impatient.  I smelled something smoldering.  When I pulled it out it was SUPER hot... and smoking.  Yikes.  I threw it out onto the back porch railing and went back inside, closing the door.  A few minutes later I went to get it to try again... it was IN FLAMES!!!!!!!!  Charred the railing.  I dumped a bucket of water on it.  Whew.


  1. I'm still fairly anti-microwave. I'll warm things up for the kids, and maybe a leftover once in a while but that is all.
    Glad it worked for you though!
    Oh and so far, knock wood, no microwave disasters.

  2. I think I would die without my microwave. Although my best friend used to not use her microwave for anything but boiling water. Of all the things...? Totally cracked me up.

    I don't have any microwave disasters, but my husbands college room mate decided to try the mouse in the microwave theory in their dorm. And....yeah.....poor mouse. Totally gross.

  3. I forget the lead up to it - but we (my brother) somehow managed to explode a tea bag in the microwave trying to heat up a cup of tea. There were bits of tea leaves all over the microwave. Even better this was in a condominium we were staying on a cousin ski trip to Utah!

  4. Mmmmm ... spinach. I'll have to try the microwave to add it in to things I am heating.

    No microwave disasters ... I don't use it enough to have a disaster.

  5. Worst disaster is I was at work and heated up some microwavable soup that came in a countainer with a lid. I didn't know how hot it would be, when I took it out of the microwave some spilled out of the holes on top and totally burned fingers on both hands. I literaly threw the whole thing in the sink as a reflex just to get it out of my hands. The burns hurt for days and I couldn't sleep.... never madet that mistake again!

  6. What a great microwave disaster story!

    Any blog post that features fire is bound to be good!

  7. I love my microwave! But I am paranoid to use plastic wrap in it because I'm afraid of the toxic nasties that might leach out when it's heated. Instead, I fit a plate over the top of the bowl to make a seal when I "steam" things.

    As for disasters, when I was young, my brother devised a way to make s'mores in the microwave by heating an enormous marshmallow on top of a graham cracker and a chocolate square. Unfortunately, marshmallows puff up with the heat and we left it in there too long so that it exploded and when we opened the door, it hardened into little marshmallow icicles hanging from the roof inside.

  8. I would love to erase the exploding mouse image from my mind.

    Microwaving veggies actually preserves more nutrients than any other form of preparation.

    I had a microwave disaster just last night. It was already a pretty awful night. I was rushing to get dinner going but couldn't measure out the honey because it was in a gallon container and had crystalized. The only way it fits in the microwave is sideways. I laid it on it's side and pushed one minute intendin to watch it. But being a horrible night like I mentioned previously I instead was distracted by some really naughty kids and only remembered the honey as the microwave was beeping. Honey all over the microwave and when I opened the door it proceeded to drip out, drip down the front and coat everything around it. Have you ever tried to clean up honey???


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