27 February 2011

It's all coming back to me now...

The little excerpt in blue was typed on my phone while I was in the bathroom, stepping into my ...

ice bath!  

it is so cold... i cannot imagine sitting my booty down into  this!  ohmyGod...

here goes... booty going in...wait... i'm afraid... lol

No video like Amanda ... not only am I just not as hot and cute, but my kids were all being duct taped put into bed by my superman-husband so that I could experience the freezingness and all its glory in peace and privacy...

Well, I did get my heiney in, and it just about froze its little self to a tiny little ice cube.  And I did scream.  Briefly.  And I didn't fill the tub enough :(  but was too frozen stiff to move and turn on the water again.  And just wanted it to all be over... I don't remember it being this bad.

Today was tough.  

Birthday partiespresent-shopping for the partiessoccer practicesleep-over retrievalpick up a kid from grandma's house... lots of driving and strategizing for the who what where when.  And in the background, never faraway was my 8-mile run in the hills... sitting there... looking at me... knowingly.  Knowing it was going to kick that heiney that would later be frozen in an attempt to ease the pain from the kicking.

The last thing to do was done at 4:10, and then we all headed up to the hills... family-style exercise time!  Same place I did my awesome 5+ mile run a few weeks ago.  It is really pretty.  

I called that run "Hilly Goodness". This one was more like "Hilly Ass-Dragness".  It was brutal.  But I got it done and in the 'right' amount of time. It was supposed to be 10-minute miles for the 8 and I finished in 1:19:51.  A scant 9 seconds under.  The hills made the per-mile times sort of erratic, but nothing was faster than 9:33 and nothing slower than 10:15.  

It hurt so much.

Not in that bad "oh-no-I'm-injured" way.  In that "holy frijoles, what the heck was I on when I thought this was going to be a fun thing to do?"  Yeah, it just hurts from good, old-fashioned hard work ;-)  

So it's all coming back to me now...  
  • how good it feels to work really hard, 
  • how flippin' cold an ice bath is and how hard it is to actually sit your booty down in one
  • that it is possible to still get the run in even when living a busy life
  • how important it is to get that run in especially when living a busy life, 
  • how fortunate I am to get to run in such a lovely place, 
  • how fortunate I am that I can run.

Hope you all had a great weekend, too!


  1. That's very brave of you! I could never in a million years even tip my toe into an ice bath, let alone go all the way up to my booty :)

  2. Oh, i couldn't do that.. I am already cold :D

  3. I am so loving your bullet points at the end. I swear the hard stuff is what makes me feel most alive!
    have a great week!

  4. I'm still an ice bath rookie. I've only ever managed one and no video comparison to Amanda here either! Kids being ducttaped for the freezingness and all its glory-ha!

    I ran some monster hilly goodness on Saturday too. Oh my, my legs definitely felt it and it's been awhile. I loved reading your bullet points! So true.

    Great job:)

  5. I just found you from MBC! Great blog, I really enjoyed it! Love the duck taping idea, great tip! Lol! Never tried the ice cold bath and after reading your post I think that is one life experince I could skip! I'm a happy new follower! If you would like to visit I'm at www.mydishwasherspossessed.blogspot.com Thanks!

  6. I always find a few initial yelps and hollers help ease the shock of entering the ice bath, but once I'm in it a coupl minutes I find it very healing. Great job giving it your all!! :)

  7. I have done three ice-baths so far...each one gets a little easier/harder to get into. Easier, because I know what is coming, harder for the same reason. I won't post video of it, 'cus I don't look good in a bikini.

    I have to make sure the kids are out of ear-shot when I get in....for some reason the air turns as blue as your text.

  8. I agree with Marsy. I could never imagine sitting in a ice bath. Good job on the run!

  9. Good for you!!! I remember ice baths when I used to run cross country...they're just awful!

    Thanks for your sweet comments...you should try these headbands, they seriously look good on everyone ;)!

    Mrs H

  10. I
    ice baths.

    My phone is the only thing that keeps me "in". I NEED the distraction!! Loved this: "•how fortunate I am that I can run"


  11. Emz said exactly what I was thinking-Awesome.

    Hilly Ass Dragness-dying! :) love it.

    The one time I was smart enough to do an ice bath was after my 13 (done too soon after giving birth) back in October. I must be a freak b/c I loved it!

  12. Hell no, I would nver ever do an ice bath. Forget it.

  13. Oh, this is gorgeous! Lucky you!!! I laughed out loud at the ice bath thing. I took one this weekend after my 13 miler and it was soooo painful. I got in first and then put the ice in but still....wooo weee. my husband couldn't do it...he screamed like a baby...it really hut him I guess...made him cramp up. Plus he didn't want to freeze his junk! Ha ha! Great job on your run!!

  14. wow...how's your bum???

    Did you P** icicles? mmm..is that the right spelling? too early to think...lol....thanks for visiting my blog....grabbing your button and following...



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