22 February 2011

Walkin' on those letters...

Miss C does these things spontaneously... even if it does seem like I am prompting her because I am all talking in the background and asking her what she's doing and urging her to keep doing it... and it is super hard to video her or take pictures of her because as soon as she hears the 'click' of the camera or the 'bing' of the video recorder, she always demands to "see the baby"... meaning herself.

One thing I think is really funny in this video is when I ask her what letters she is walking on... she holds up that 'M' sideways and says 'E'... it does look like an 'E' when you look at it that way!  Right?  And the 'X'... she says it's Baby X's name.

So you might not realize what a genius she is unless I fill you in ;-)


  1. She could NOT be anymore adorable. What a sweetheart!! I so can't wait for Sadie to start talking like that. Oh, and some randomness, you don't sound anything like I pictured you sounding. Just so you know. :)

  2. lol! My kids do this with mega blocks now. Still haven't figured out why....


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