08 February 2011

Reining it in...

I've been running faster than my body can handle :(

Yesterday I got to visit my PT.  I *heart* her.  She gets me.  She understands my mentality... how hard it is for me to just 'play' at a sport.  She doesn't bat an eyelash when I start talking about running stadiums or doing quarter- or half-mile hill repeats.  And she didn't laugh out loud when I mentioned running in the Bay to Breakers... even when I told her I wanted to run it in an hour.

I *heart* her big time.

I also trust her.

She said to stop running so fast on the fast days and that I was right to only do speedwork every other week.  My hip cannot recover properly if I do so much so soon.  My mind, heart and lungs are ahead of my hip.  She reminded me that a year ago I was still limping around in my slippers.  Yes, I could not wear real shoes for awhile there, folks.  "Be smart," is what she said.  "You know how to listen to your body."

So now I need to hunker down and slow down... and hit those target splits/times put forth by my Automated Training Program... even though I am chomping at the bit to haul ass when I see the word "speedwork" at the top of the page :)

Tonight I did a pretty good job:

2x400 @ 2:14 became 2:09 and 2:12
2x400 @ 2:09 became 2:12 and 2:06
2x400 @ 2:04 became 2:02 twice!
2x400 @ 1:57 became 1:59 and 1:56

So I'm getting the hang of it...

Now I get to stretch and roll and eat my dinner!

And then collapse into bed.


  1. Oh she sounds like a keeper. I needed to read this...great food for thought.

  2. So glad she is such a major support to you. You are being smart and you have GREAT things ahead. I hope you burned those slippers.

  3. Sounds like you're performing like a champ! Sometimes I wish I had someone to tell me when it's time to slow down...

  4. Listen to your body is good advice for all of us!

  5. Man, All I can say is that I feel freaking lazy...

  6. I am so glad you found a good PT. That is SO key!

  7. I know the "I need to run" feeling that comes with the injuries. Great advice... Listen to your body now or you are going to be hurting later.

  8. Good job being smart about things! So great that you have a good relationship with her! Better to listen to your body now and take it easy than push it and have to start from point one.


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