20 February 2011

Technospaz Update...

Three cheers for danny at A Quest for Running Perfection!

Dude hooked me UP!

My little Analytics are all happy and functional now.  I get to see what interesting places my visitors are from again :)  That is my favorite part of the tracking plan.  I don't really care about numbers... lol.  It is all about the where.  Probably because I love to travel and in this economy and with 4 kids, my traveling days have ground to a screeching halt.  So it is a vicarious thing... 

I wish someone from Montana and someone from South Dakota would click in for a visit... those are the only two states NOT lit up on the little map thingy.  So if you know someone....

And danny... you deserves some sort of reward for making me so very, very happy!  

Can I get you a gadget?  

Or perhaps a cheap movie?


  1. I love to see the different places, too...especially when they are from places like Russia or China...really?! Cool!

    I'm glad I can make the Canada button light up for you ;)

  2. just post a link here: http://quest4three.blogspot.com/p/la-tienda-de-los-libros.html


  3. I have someone that reads regularly from the very southern end of Brazil, I also get a regular visit from the UK, Sweden and France. The newest on the list is Israel. The map is my favorite part. It allows me to "reverse stalk" my followers. I can tell who hasn't stopped by in a while.


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