04 February 2011

Tikki Tikki Tempo

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the story of Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo... the boy whose name means "the most wonderful thing in the whole world!"... apparently this book is not as great as I remember it as it is full of stereotypes and misrepresentations (i.e. it isn't PC... bummer... I had no idea)


While my tempo run wasn't exactly "the most wonderful thing in the whole world!", it was pretty fun :)
My metronome-ness wasn't as accurate as usual, and my times were off.  Here's how the 3 miles with 1 @ 'maintenance' right into 1 @ 'threshold' right into 1 @ 'maintenance' again played out:

The times I was supposed to be shooting for were:


But they ended up being:


In the end I actually ran a wee bit farther to make it an 'even' 3.1 miles ;-)  and the time for that came to 26:56.  This is two whole giant minutes faster than I ran AM-GFTW's Thanksgiving Turkey Trot!  and I wasn't even trying hard... lol

As a result, I got to plug a new "best" time into my Automated Training Program to generate new paces.  So the new times I was supposed to be hitting for this run would have been 10:00/9:30/10:00.

The big question I keep asking myself is "should I slow down?"  I am really in a quandary on this one.  Anyone out there have any suggestions?  The Automated Training Program person who responds to emailed questions said I should run at the suggested paces "these paces are generated by your current race results.  If you feel they are in error, then run another race and submit that time."  Hmmmmmm :-/  kind of a non-answer, if you ask me.

I really am asking for suggestions on this.

Do you ever on purpose run slower than feels good?

– I seem to not be able to do this... like the slow-the-heck-down switch is busted or something.

If you made a cake that was too sweet, would you eat it anyway or throw it out?

– yeah, totally unrelated... but a valid question as this is something I just did.  I haven't actually eaten a slice, but all the parts (cake and icing) seem way too sweet... I think I did something wrong... like added too much sugar didn't know that was possible. I am tempted to chuck it, but that seems like such an awful waste.  WWYD?

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  1. I think you should stick with what feels good for you pace wise. Why slow yourself down?

    I think if I made a too sweet cake I'd try to give it to my students who lovvve sugar- and if all else failed I'd probably heave it into the hopper. I am not a big fan of too sweet (sweet=yes, too sweet=no!)


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