05 February 2011

Perfect Day for the Pool...

too bad the HOA turned off the heat on January 2nd!  Uhhhh.... yeah.... it is winter, after all :P

Today was a glorious day!  The temperatures were in the 70's, the sky was blue, very little breeze... what more could you ask for?  The kids were begging to go to the pool.  They knew the water would be cold. Big G wanted to bring his hand-me-down wetsuit because wetsuits keep you warm in cold water.  Right.  I agreed that it was a perfect day for the pool and urged daddy to take the troops on over.  He was wise to my motives... a nap... and decided he was similarly motivated and turned the urging right back onto me!  So I said yes on the condition that the kids actually go all the way in the pool... all. the. way.

They suited up, grabbed the towels and the goggles and off we went.  There is something inherently unnatural about comfortably walking around in early February in flipflops and swimsuits... at least in the northern hemisphere.  They checked the water temp...
... awfully cold for swimming in my opinion!  But they were game...

Here they are faking me out.

  I thought they were going all the way in... but I didn't see the stairs!

Baby X takes after her glacial-stream swimming daddy... 

jumps right into that frosty business.

Big G is not a fan of cold water...
 just like his mamma ;-)

He finally agreed to go in at the end closest to the hot tub 
so he could get quickly from cold to hot...

They spent most of the time in the hot tub (clearly) and had a blast.  This pool and The Gate are two of the best reasons for living in this weird development!

Do you like cold water?  Swimming in it, I mean.

–I do not.

What was your local weather like today?  Do you like the weather where you live?

–Gorgeous today.  I like that we have great weather pretty much year round, but I really do miss seasons.  I liked snow and fall and the explosion of spring when I lived on the East Coast for 12 years as a young adult.


  1. Hate hate hate cold water!!!!! Can't get me in it! You have more followers than I do now, didn 't take you long! How can I get more popular, and why doesn't anyone ever comment for me oh wise one.....

  2. Let's see. Today's weather was lots of big fat snowflakes. Not to cold out though. LOVE the weather in Colorado. Love having seasons. Love having year round sun. Love that when it snows it typically melts the next day. Sun sun sun!
    Hate cold water. In fact, just ask Coben who took a bath with me tonight and grabbed the net bag full of plastic squirty toys that were full of COLD drippy water and drug it across my back...EEEKKKKKK!!

  3. I LOVED THE VIDEOS!!! You have the cutest kids ever and you make me want to have kids!! I am so jealous of your gorgeous weather....can we come vacation at your house next weekend?!?! It is freezing here and I am wuss. You couldn't pay me to get into that water!! Hope you are having an amazing day and I LOVED the videos...I showed Billy:)

  4. Today was sunny and mid 40's. Yesterday was 30 and freezing rain. So fabulous today. We did some Spring cleaning.

  5. Brrr, that's waaaay to cold in my opinion. Every so often in the summer I'll wade out into the Ocean here in Oregon, that's as close as I get to swimming in cold water, although I did swim in Crater Lake once, that was cold!

    Today overcast with bits of sunshine, probably reached 50. Love our weather, could use a little more winter snow though.

  6. Ha ha! I think Baby X was half out of the water there before she even jumped in! I am of MN blood and 56 degrees is still too cold for swimming!!

    You gave me a seriously good belly laugh off your comment on my blog. The proud big girls...ha!

    Love the attraction you have for your hubby. Mine SO similar!

    Keep working on that graceful acceptance of compliments!!! You deserve them:)


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