23 February 2011

Musique pour Mercredi

This is lovely...

... even though the guy in the background is pretty distracting with his weirdish searching in the dark.  

Who is he?  What is he looking for?  What is his deal?

I love Carla Bruni, though :)


  1. Didn't need the guy in the background. Could have just watched her. Thanks for sharing this, beautiful.

  2. I swear we are sisters separated at birth. Parfait.

  3. So pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog..I really appreciated your comments :). I would trade my laundry away for dishes any day! I'm proud of you for making the jump to the east coast...its always been way too scary (and cold!) for me!

    Mrs. H

  4. Yes, lovely song, lovely lady, but I'm not too sure about her taste in men. And yes, the guy in the background is creepy, especially bare chested and all.

  5. So that's not her husband in the background? :)

  6. Kovas... it might be her husband... but I think Noemie would have recognized him, seeing as how she's French and all. He looks kind of too young and in shape to be her husband... doesn't he?

  7. she is married to Nicolas Sarkozy , the President of the French Republic and if you Google him you can see what he looks like!!!

    charmante chanson!


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