23 February 2011

Random Happenings

We had wacky weather the other day... pouring rain that turned into pelting hail!  

And produced this:

This happened right as we arrived at school... without raincoats and only one umbrella for 5 of us! And
 the umbrella broke!  
It was hilarious!  The kids were super troopers about it all... nary a whine nor a complaint... lots of giggles and smiles :)  

LOVE it when that happens 

... not the broken umbrella part; the kids having fun part ;-)

Right now my kids are On Break.  It is a 10-day long Break.  Must be nice...

I have written before about this school's penchant for days off.  This particular doozy is that whole "Ski Week" thing that encompasses the President's Day (or is it Presidents' Day... it is about two presidents, right?).  Oh, and while I am on the topic of President's Day... what the heck!!!???  Remember how I mentioned that I was going grocery shopping with all 4 kids in tow?  So we get all in the car (not easy) and they are all fighting and screaming before the car doors are even closed... actually before I even get into the car myself... I debate whether or not this is such a good idea.  But Monday is Grocery Day and we are down to a "cocktail onions and mustard" sort of situation... hmmm... what can I make with ketchup, unsalted butter, cornstarch and bacon?  We had to go.

It was closed.  

Yes, you read that correctly.  A humongous, big-deal-not-mom-n-pop, Whole Foods-ish grocery store was CLOSED for President's Day!  I laughed so hard.  The kids were concerned.  Is mom off her rocker?  So we headed to Trader Joe's and picked up what we could.  
They were perfectly behaved.  
I think the insane-lady laughter may have had something to do with that ;-)

We had lovely weather and headed to the park today to meet some friends.  It was a group of wee ones who are around Miss C's age.  The olders were not thrilled to be going to Totland *snicker, snicker* but since Miss C is forever being carted around to all their goings-on, it is only fair that they need to suck it up on occasion.

Here's Q-Man, all bummed out on the swings:
Baby X climbed to the top of the highest thing, 
setting off a toddler climbing frenzy as they all tried to imitate her... much to their caretakers' collective dismay:
And Miss C was happy to just hang :)

Big G was not there... he was home SICK.  Of course, it is vacation... someone has to be sick.

What would you do with four kids who were on a 10-day Break? And leaving town is not an option.
– we were going to do fun stuff like go to the Children's Museum, the local Little Farm and see the baby pigs, the zoo... but rain and sickness just don't really work with outings.  Today we made pudding and went to the park.  Tomorrow we are going to make teeny tiny cupcakes and who knows what else.

Did you have lots of holidays when you were a kid?
– we had some that other kids didn't get... Malcolm X's birthday, International Women's Day, MLK's birthday before it was nationwide... but that's because it was Berkeley ;-)  And I remember having Lincoln's AND Washington's Birthdays creating consecutive 3-day weekends.  I liked that.  But I'm telling you, my kids' school has WAY more days off than I ever had.


  1. Wow 10 days. Enjoy and try not to go insane entertaining the kiddos at the same time. I dont think we had a ton of time off when I was a kid. We don't really now either...and of course we need to make up those snow days!

  2. Your kids are too cute :) I cannot wait to go to the park with my son!

    He is sleeping about a 3-4 hour stretch at this point, which isn't so much the problem. The "issue" is that it can take us up to an hour and a half to get him to sleep. I'm hoping that getting him on a better eating schedule might help this and down the road it will also hopefully result in him sleeping longer stretches (and maybe eventually through the night!) I appreciate your input, I don't know many people with young kids so I take any advice I can get!

  3. You had Malcom X day? wow.
    Sorry the sickies are visiting your place, hope it doesn't spread too far.
    I actually love having days off...I'm that weirdo parent who counts down to summer vacation. (14wks here in case you were wondering) I love that we can just be lazy and do whatever. When we have a long stretch I'll let them have one day where we play Wii practically all day, we'll go on a long walks or bike rides, hit up parks, and of course there is a lot of baking. They love creation days in the kitchen when we come up with our own recipes.
    Enjoy your time off!

  4. Ok, really that should probably have said "Enjoy THEIR time off" :P

  5. With 4 kids and 10 days off, I would get outside as much as possible... either that or go crazy. :) Good luck & have fun.

  6. Trader Joe's is a wonderful place.

    Glad you and the kids got some laughs in.

  7. I can't get over the fact that the store was CLOSED! Weird. Your pantry before the shopping trip sounds a lot like mine right now.


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