08 February 2011


Sometimes there is no answer to the question

why do kids do the things they do?

Do you like to put stickers on your face?  Other body parts?

–I am not partial to stickers on any part of my person.  Most people over the age of 9 are not into this.  I know that Janae feels differently ;-)

Do you have a tattoo?  Do you want one?  Of what?

–I do have a tattoo.  It is of a gecko wrapped around my ankle with some little symbols for the elements. A guy in Tahiti did it in his hut while his dinner-plate-sized "pet" crab walked around his bedroom... for real.  And he used baggies on his hands (in place of surgical gloves) because non-natives require a certain level of sanitation to feel comfortable.


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  1. BAHAHA!! She is so so cute and we would have so much fun together putting on stickers ha! I want to see a picture of your tatoo! So good to know you are crazy about your bday too:)

  2. Stickers on the face is a phase every kid goes through.

  3. I do have a tatoo. I got it when I first moved to denver. It's a sun on my back right beneath my neck. I got it to celebrate the new life we were starting in sunny colorado. Pre kids. Seems like a life time ago...

  4. No stickers for me. No tats either. ;) What a cool story about your tat though! :) I've thought about it but i have a hard enough time deciding what color to do my kitchen cabinets let alone something as permanent as a tatoo! :)

  5. Outside of my relationship I have issues around permanency and committment so no tattoo for me! :)

  6. D also puts those TJ stickers on her face and eyes! And hands, and legs, and feet...


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