07 February 2011

Granny's Gadgets #6

I know that this is yet another gadget that is not a mystery... and most of you probably had one growing up... and if you did I would have envied you :P

I always wanted one of these when I was a kid.  I couldn't imagine how we could survive without one... but we did.  My mom said they were a waste (translate: we don't need it and therefore can't afford it).  I was not convinced.  I did need one.  So when I saw one in my mother-in-law's box o' tricks I was stoked!  I planned on using it all the time.  All. The. Time.

Well, I have never used it.  This is my first time... and y'all get to be here for it... so cozy on up to the screen for this {intimate moment}...

(as I take a closer look at this, I think my mom may have been on to something... but perhaps it's just cuz this one's a little old and bent out of shape... like me sometimes ;-)  )

Okay, so not a total waste.... I can now have sliced beets on my salad... in addition to sliced eggies!  The banana proved messier than just using a knife, though.

Do you like beets?  How do you feel about root vegetables in general?
–I am now worried that my fondness for beets (or at least my copping to it) will cause me to lose followers... much like my coming clean about Barney did (yes, I actually did lose a couple of followers after admitting to that... can you  believe it?).

What would you like to put in the slicer?
–food items only, please!  I still want to try a hunk of cheese... or maybe some other softish fruit.  I think the cheese will be too sticky and make a huge mess, though ;-)


  1. I'm thinking the cheese may break that bad boy. Yes I do like beets--but I'm in the vast minority in this house on that one. Root veggies are my friend!

  2. I love root veggies...my husband (a Chef) has introduced me to so many more root veggies..turnips, parsnips and all. I lode them roasted with some potatoes (sweet or regular) I have to say I have never had a slicer like that but I am so happy it made your day! :)

  3. I love these!
    These are the only thing to use for slicing olives! And they usually do a fabulous job on strawberries too. :)

  4. Ha, I love your voice! :) These gadgets are too cool. not that I would use them but I might if I had them...I don't have a ton of gadgets....i just make do with the essentials and it has worked for me so far. This thing looks fun though...i might try cheese or definitely strawberries for some strawberry shortcake.

  5. We have gone through more than our share of those in the last 18+ years. I would say they are nearly indispensable if you are making egg salad sammies. Also, you have to be a little less gentle with it. The food item in the slicer has committed crimes against humanity and therefore MUST be dealt with. When using the guillotine properly, the blade passes quickly through the condemned.

    As for the Mangelwurzel and its cousins, I am slowly coming around to them.

  6. Omgosh. That's. The. Best.

    I loved eggs in those things. Peanut liked her play-dough in it though. ;) yuck.

  7. I love beets but they make me pee pink. I would love an egg slicer. I like things sliced for some reason. Neat and uniform. I love my apple slicer.

  8. I'm not a beet person, nor did I ever have one of those cool slicers. My mom was strictly a knife person, I'm terrible at slicing things, could definitely use one.

  9. I got one of those
    I use it a lot
    cheese does not work
    banana: great idea!
    I do like beets
    you lost followers over Barney? really? I miss that one
    oh and I am no super woman, you have way more kids then I do!!

  10. Yeah, well Barney does STINK lady! Serves you right! ;)

  11. P.S. I also hate beets!Can we still be friends?

  12. Love beets. And we have a cheap version of your gadget and it didn't hold up very well (plastic and metal). We used ours mostly for mushrooms.

  13. Mushrooms and olives for pizza toppings. Yum!


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