27 February 2011

IQs, Cupcakes and a Very Minor Accident

The other day, Big G was talking about intelligence.  He started asking me about IQ and what it was and what it meant.  After hearing the explanation, he then said, "oh, right... I've heard about that.  What's the average IQ?  Isn't it, like, 70?"


Looking together, we found this site...IQ basics.  70 is not the average IQ.  85-114 is considered to be the "range of average."  Of course, after all this talk and research, I had to know my own IQ.  I used to be pretty 'smart'... good test taker and such... but as I have spent more time momming and less time actually stimulating my intellect, I have noticed that I do feel less and less intelligent.  That sounds pathetic... I guess it is...

So I took this online test.

Did I wait until the kids were in bed and I was in a calm and quiet, serene, uncluttered space?  No.  Why would I do that?  I might have had that foresight had I still been as 'smart' as I was in the olden days.  I needed to know now.  So I read and figured and clicked and clacked and hit "submit" while being climbed on and screamed at and hearing someone hollering
"mommmm!went pooooop!"  
which translates into "wipe my butt."

I couldn't wait to find out the results of my Intelligence Quotient test.  The screen told me it would be emailed to me.  It wasn't.  I tried to obtain the results again.  No email.  Oh, right.... spam.  Check the spam.  The results of my IQ test were fittingly in my spam box ;-)

Believe it or not, quite a few synapses are still firing correctly!  Truly, I was astonished.

You'd never know it if you had seen my bone-head move last night, though... I walked by an open cupboard door and closed it as I passed... but not until my foot was perfectly positioned under the sharp corner so as to gouge the heck outta my Achilles.  It hurt so much that I almost shouted out profanity.  And I felt not-so-bright.  Four good-sized chunks of flesh un-gently removed... and blood.  
Blood, I tell ya.
I felt like such a dingdong.  Wish I had a DingDong. But I didn't... 
Baby X had made cupcakes... all by herself.  And she gave one to meeeeee!  

I could eat it because it was gluten-free ;-)  

I felt much better.  

Have you ever taken an IQ test?  What did you think of it?

Do you like a treat when you get a boo-boo?


  1. I have taken, or more accurately, was administered one, when I was about 12. The report *I* got (from a marginally reliable source--my mother) was that they weren't exactly sure what the numbers were as they had never had anyone try to FAIL it before. I was and angsty grunge rocker a full decade before there was such a thing...

    As to hurting myself...hmm, it fully depends on how badly I hurt myself and who is around when it happens as to how blue the air around me becomes. When I cut the snot out of my thumb (needed 4 stitches) I said OUCH!!! Our kids were still up, then instructed my wife to go get our LDS neighbor (we had been drinking and that may or may not have contributed to the incident) and I needed to get to an ER. Don't really need a treat after I get hurt though.

  2. Soooooooo? What was your IQ? Maybe we should have an IQ throwdoown for bragging rights? First, I need to know what you got :-)

  3. Chris... I thought it'd be tacky to post the number. But I am willing.

    Natty... drinking and knives are a no-no, dude. Didn't you get that memo?

  4. I don't want to know my IQ. I don't need another blow to my self esteem. :)

  5. Yep I took IQ tests...several

    last time i took one my husband made me redo it because he did not believe the results..!

  6. Of course it told you that you were a genius!! WE all know that! :) You are just humble. :)

    I took one once and it told me that I was too smart for school. Really, I blew it out of the water...off the charts! Just kidding...I've never had one. ;)

    hope your boo boo is better and your kid got his butt wiped. ;)


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