17 February 2011

help! i'm a technospaz…

i know you all think i am technosharp, what with all my videos and links and the like, but the reality is i don't even know how to turn on our home computer.

so here's my problem... my google analytics has totally stopped all tracking... or no one is reading my blog... which is possible!

anyone know anything helpful about codes and tracking and view source kinds of things and willing to help me out?

i promise i'll provide something awesome as your reward for being such a kind samaritan ;-)



  1. I'm still reading too but I don't even get the google analytics so I'm of NO help!

    Your comments always make me laugh! Thankyou!!!

  2. Hmmm....mine randomly shut down once and then just magically started working two days later. Of course mine also showed up in Arabic once. I'm not sure what I do to make it angry, but when it rebels it's always interesting!
    My only thought was if you had changed your layout that the tracking code might have been deleted off your blog, but I don't see any changes....maybe just try putting the code on again and see if it picks back up?

  3. Awww... thanks, ladies!

    Catey, I don't know where to put the code is the problem... and I don't know if the code is missing. The little "everything's a-okay" green check is there. I actually got as far as into the code place and sat there looking at it for 90 minutes... no lie. Then I started sobbing and knew I needed to just go away and ask for help! Maybe you could help me figure out where to put the code? I didn't change anything. I need to see what states and countries my visitors are coming from! lol

  4. I like to use StatCounter. I actually don't like Google Analytics & haven't checked mine in forever! We're still here!!

  5. Google what? See I'm no help. Add me to the techno spaz camp.

  6. I'm still reading too! Don't worry about the stats- mine have crapped out on me several times...

  7. I changed the layout of my blog one time, and it rewrote all the HTML. PLUS they did an "update" to their system. I periodically check to make sure that the system is working and that the codes are still in place after that. I like to know where my stalkers are from.

  8. I don't know anything about that stuff. Honestly, I'm the least technically savvy blogger on the planet.

    But I can assure you people are reading your blog!

  9. Did you change your design/format on your blog? I found that that wipes out my analytics.

  10. West coast baby! :) But you're right, it is late! I feel funny responding to you through comments that have nothing to do with this post. Hope you got this figured out. :) Did you get my e-mail the other day?

  11. In order to track pageviews your blog will leave a "cookie" in your readers browser. If everyone blocks cookies or starts using browsers that disable cookies that could effect page counts.

    Other than that I am sure it will just be a temporary event.


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