11 February 2011

Fashion Statements

My daughter...

the budding fashionista...

red and white polka dot sundress with grey, black and pink argyle tights...

what you don't see is the burgundy and pink striped long-sleeved t-shirt under the sundress...

the black velveteen jacket and the patent leather Mary Janes add a decided element of class to the ensemble...

 and, of course, what outfit would be complete without accessories?

Did you dress like a freak when you were a kid?  

–yes!  my favorite outfit for awhile was a pale blue and maroon skinny-striped polyester double-knit mock turtleneck top with golden brown and jewel-toned paisley corduroy pants... pretty sure they were bell-bottoms... I was only 5.  In sixth grade, I had this hideous acrylic sweater that was navy, neon red and neon green argyle.  I wore it as much as possible.  I even wore it in my school picture for that year :P  I still wear questionable fashion choices, though...


  1. Yes, totally dressed like a freak. Now all I wear is black yoga pants and a black fleece with a hat...so boring. Have you heard of Fancy Nancy? Your daughter's hair is GORGEOUS!!! Hope you get a good run in on V day evening and hope your run gives you good energy. ;)
    Tell me again what your husband does? Photographer? You mentioned that awhile back about he goes out of town a lot and takes pictures of gorgeous women..or maybe you didn't say gorgeous.

  2. love the little fashionista's style!
    My wardrobe was pretty boring back then, I loved anything corduroy, but in the 80's....all I can say is what was I thinking?

  3. the flower children are still going! :)

  4. Love it. I always like to see how kids dress themselves. So funny.

  5. My daughter is 16 and truly is a fashionista. Wow, in my day, we wore jeans and an Def Leppard T-shirt, now they dress like it's a cocktail party. And no, I don't eat quiche. I'm too manly :-)

  6. I think it's a cute look! I was a freak but in a different way. I was a matcher. Down the the underwear. Still am. Have to have it all match. God forbid I would mix stripes and polka dots. But I actually think some of the best outfits don't match. At all.


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