31 January 2011

Hilly Goodness!

Running hills for the first time in 9 years!  Sooooooooo fun!  Here is where I went.

I know, you think I am crazy.  Well, most of you anyway.

But I haven't been able to run since November of 2001... until just this past September.  I couldn't even run to get out of the way of an oncoming car or to beat out the meter-maid over an expired parking meter... or to chase down an escaping child bound for a busy street.  It sucked.  When you sit out the game for that long you really learn to appreciate it ALL.  Running in the pouring rain.  Running hills.  Running alone.  Running in the dark... alone.  Running in bad pants.  Time trials.  Speedwork.  Racing drunken bums.  How badly you smell when it's all over.  EVERYTHING.

I am working on being even in my 'easy' runs.  Here is how it all went down yesterday afternoon:

9:36  first mile
9:36  second mile
9:37  third mile [there is a little bit extra to add in (see below)... needed to do 25 minutes out n' back]

  • 4:43  from 2-2.5 mile marks painted on the ground
  • 2:56  little extra at the turn around because I was supposed to be running 50 minutes
  • 4:54  from 2.5-2 mile marks  ... return trip

9:34 fourth mile  (4:41, 4:53)
9:29 fifth mile  (4:48, 4:41)

total  50:47 for 5.3 miles

The funnest part was that I dragged the family along.  Bikes, scooters, strollers.  Everyone came.  No one complained... that was the bestest part of all!  They even said they had fun... all of them!  I think this was the first time ever in the history of our family that this has happened.


Groundhog Day is coming!!!!  

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  1. We should all appreciate every run! Why did you take time off - I am assuming kids :)

  2. I need to run...to the store. We're out of milk. :)

  3. I took time off because something weird happened to my hip. No one is really sure what exactly happened, but it made itself known when my oldest was about 4 months old and I was trying to use a jogging stroller. I had a shooting pain in my hip... when I say "shooting" I mean as if I had been seriously SHOT in the ass. My whole leg buckled under me. Then it was totally fine. This would happen once every month or so... all fine then *BOOM* buckling bullet pain. This was accompanied by the sensation of broken glass filling my hip socket. When this child was almost 2 I started working out again, despite what was then mild pain. And I got pregnant. In November of 2001, I went for my last run... 9 miles of hills in 80 degree heat at about 5 months pregnant. While at that moment the hip was ehhh-okay, my preggo self couldn't take it anymore :P And when I wasn't preggo anymore, the hip was horrible. I spent the next 8.5 years alternately hobbling around with a pronounced limp or being able to suck it up and walk semi-normally but never able to run. After trying yoga, massage of all different sorts, acupuncture, so much stuff... I finally found a physical therapist who has been able to finally get to the heart of the problem... but we still don't really know what it all is. I am just thankful to finally have some relief and direction and be able to run... oh, and walk :)

    Hey, Kelley... pick some up for me while you're there!

  4. Nice job on the run and that your family came along. Even nicer that they did not complain.

  5. you should've done the run on groundhog day...and make sure you pass by a groundhog...just saying.


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