19 November 2010

running is an OUTDOOR sport

I stole that.

Back when I used to row, there was this guy who was pretty old... like 34.  Ancient, I know.  But he was a very accomplished oarsman and still made the Olympic team at that oh-so-advanced age.  (Now that I am more "mature" myself, I really get what a feat that was).  So this guy was kind of annoying, but a lot of the annoying-ness was because he really did know more than the rest of us... but his presentation left a lot to be desired.

One time I heard him droning on and on about how people (primarily women) really didn't understand rowing.  I was doing my best to ignore him when he suddenly said something that will forever remain carved into my athletic psyche...

"Rowing is an OUTDOOR sport.  I started rowing because I like to be in the OUT OF DOORS.  Sometimes it rains in the OUT OF DOORS.  Sometimes it is cold, and sometimes it is hot.  If you don't enjoy being in the OUT OF DOORS... perhaps you should pick a different sport.  Like badminton."

Today it was rainy... mostly just drizzling.  Until 6 o'clock when it was time for me to go for my little run.  Really, little.  Just 2 miles.  Then it was pouring.  I did not balk at the rain.  I did not hesitate because of the wetness or darkness or coldness.  Another saying I heard recently was this:  There is no such thing as bad weather, only insufficient preparation and inadequate equipment.  So I suited up 'adequately' ;-) and off I went.  And as I ran, I remembered Espy's words... but stuck running in the place of rowing.

Running is an OUTDOOR sport.

And I reminded myself how fortunate I am that I CAN run... at all.


  1. Great Post!! We have people here who won't even run outside in the summer either because it's too "hot"! I will rely on my treadmill when safety comes into play but otherwise -Bring it!!!!

  2. Well, I don't run when it's rainy or too cold or too hot...but good for you Marj! That's probably why you look the way you do and I look the way I do ;) Miss you!

  3. I will take the elements over the treadmill just about any day! Sometimes it just feels fabulous to get outside for a few minutes, no matter the weather. :)

  4. Great post! Thank you! I especially love the part about him being ancient at 34. My guitar teacher is 22. I'm 34. And I'm always saying, as your oldest student... people say, but you're not old. To him I am. When I was 20 I thought 30 was old. :P

    This summer we moved to Pittsburgh and I could not go outside to run. Just the thought of running in the heat and humidity left me in front of the A/C. I'm going to try it.

    Recently a woman asked me to run w/ her on the high school track in the morning. I thought, are you nuts? It's 21 degrees outside at 6 a.m. But, you are so right! It's an outdoor sport.


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