24 November 2010

Tomorrow I'll be Turkey Trotting

I'll be getting out of bed much earlier than I prefer because I have the opportunity to participate in a somewhat social exercising situation.  And I am VERY excited!  A fellow blogger, AM at GFTW (Goals for the Week), co-hosts an annual 5K Turkey Trot that is not too terribly far away from me.  So I am going!  My husband is ridiculing me for driving nearly an hour to trot for 3 miles to drive nearly an hour home when I could just go outside and do five painfully lonely and boring loops around the development without needing to get in the car AT ALL.  He just doesn't understand.

And I don't need to hear about carbon footprints and gas-consumption.  Just don't go there with me.

Wish me well!

Time prediction:  a hair under 31 minutes.  We can't mention PR stuff because remember that I ran eons ago when I was young and spry and childless.  None of which continue to be the case.


  1. Woo-hoo! Have a great time! I hope it is MUCH warmer for you than it is here...should be 5 degrees when I'm supposed to run tomorrow. Ack! I think I may stay home and trot on the treadmill instead....
    And hey, you did 6 in less than 60, I'm guessing well under 31! :)

  2. lol... i know, you'd think that wouldn't you? but I warm up after a few miles and hit a good stride... my first 3 are usually right around 10 min/mile. That's what I should do! I should get there early and run 3 BEFORE the race starts! lol not. We'll see. Should be fun no matter what. Temp-wise, it'll probably be a tad under 40 out.


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