07 November 2010

Poux Part Deux

We are just such a partying house over here!  The fest continueth!

Things have been going really well regarding Baby X's lice treatment... doing the every-other-day Head Lice Solution stuff.  It's drippy and messy but quicker than meticulous nit-combing her below-the-waist, curly, fine hair.

Q-man has super short hair that is way easy to scan for critters, and I've seen nothing yet... knock on wood, right?  Miss C has very fine and very thin hair... not enough coverage for anything to live or hide.  And Big G has been allowing daily checks... as long as I make it quick.  His hair is a little long for quick, though, and so there is a lot of complaining going on while I check.  (In case you haven't noticed from other posts, he tends to be a bit more high-maintenance than my other children ;-) ).

So tonight Big G has been invited to spend the night at his best friend's house.  The best friend's family is in the final stages of three weeks of lice combing and all has been clear for quite a while now, so I figured I'd just check his ol' noggin and maybe do a little prevention work just in case...

Grabbing my mother of all nit combs, I drew it through his hair across the crown... YIKES!  A big, fat, grey louse was trapped in the teeth!  He started freaking out... Big G, that is... I had already squished the louse DEAD.  "Are we going to have to do the oily thing that you do with Baby X all the time?"  "Yes," I said.  "Either that or the combing routine... looking at three weeks, buddy."  He put on his massive pout, slumped his shoulders and shrank down about a mile into his seat.  "Or we could just shave your head!" I said brightly, knowing he would never in a million bazillion years want that!

"I'd be fine with that."

Jaw. Dropped.  Could not believe my ears.

The kid seriously wanted to spend the night at his friend's house.  Also, this boy does NOT like to waste time on things he is NOT interested in... AT ALL.  Time-consuming lice treatments fall into that category.  (Example:  in kindergarten he went through a 'phase' of peeing in his pants at school.  This went on for about a month or longer and was nearly a daily occurrence.  I was worried that either something was medically wrong OR ... worse... he'd be teased and therefore scarred emotionally once the other kids figured it out.  I really stressed about this... first child, remember?  Then another kindergarten mom came up to me one day and said, "So Nate just thinks G is sooooo cool.  He told me that G 'is so cool, mom, he doesn't even waste recess to time to go to the bathroom... he just pees right in his pants!"  So much for being teased and scarred, eh?)

Before head-shaving:

I think he was a little nervous ...

And after:


Apparently, hair shorter than 1 centimeter cannot support lice.  I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. I like the short hair! He looks good. :)
    Still lice free here. I think it might be too cold for lice

  2. For some reason, I was not getting notified of update, so am catching up now on old posts. This one really made me laugh, even though I already knew the story...


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