01 November 2010

The Fest Beginneth

The Lice Fest, that is.  Not the fest one ever wants to begin.  But here we are.

If I hear one more parent with only one child say, "Lice is no big deal... you just wash it in that stuff and comb it out"  I am going to scream and then stick my nit-comb in a mean place on that person.

If I hear another parent say, "No, he doesn't have lice... we only found one or two on him" I will scream WHILE sticking my nit-comb in that mean place.

Yes, I chose to have four children.  Yes, I chose to marry a man with six children.  But I honestly didn't bank on this seemingly-recent lice epidemic!  What the heck!  Lice are rampant in school these days!  In the olden days, kids got sent home with any sign of lice.  Then that was modified to actually crawling adult lice.  Now I understand that the public schools no longer consider even a full head of lice a cause for early dismissal.  Well, my kids go to private school so there is still a no-nit policy... that apparently isn't enforced... at least not if the parents work.  The lice issues at our school are quite controversial.  You see, it is an "international" school so there are lots of people from other countries, and I think that many other countries are less freaked about lice than those of us from here (the U.S.).  We have lots of lice checks in an attempt to keep the infestations and outbreaks to a minimum.

I am constantly checking my kids' heads.

We have partied with the lice fest on two prior occasions.  The first time was plenty for me to get how big of a hassle it all is and how imperative it is to treat thoroughly and completely.  Nit-combing a family of 5 (both times were before Miss C was born) is a very time-consuming process.  So when that only child shares his or her lice with one of my kids because "it is no big deal" and that parent did a lame-o job of treating .... oooooooo, hide the sharp implements!

So I am here to share with my kind and interested readers my personal favorite ways of handling the exciting Festival of Lice!

The number one bit of advice I have to offer is don't get them!  We have been using a great shampoo and conditioner that really seems to help prevent.  The only time my kids have gotten lice has been when we've run out.

Then, if you get the lice and are not wanting to use icky poisons that many of the lice are resistant to now anyway, this combing program is KILLER!  And this is the mother of all nit combs.

This time I am trying something new.  As the only signs of lice are on Baby X, and she has hair past her waist that is also curly making nit-combing ummmmm... a hassle, I am trying this Head Lice Solution which is messy yet simple.  I'll let you know how it goes.

The final word of wisdom I can give is this... treat for the full 3 weeks.  Yes, THREE WEEKS.  And keep checking and combing everyone in the family.  Don't give the gift that keeps on giving!  ;-)

Here I go....

Wish me luck!

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  1. Thanks so much for this info. oy dios in handling Luce over here!

    Wish us luck.

    off to check out these sights!


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