14 November 2010

Giveaway #2 - Mallybibs Leather Bibs

Day 2 brings another baby-oriented giveaway...

Cute leather bibs!  These don't have food-catching pockets like the ones on the Mallybibs website, but they are otherwise like the ones described.  Easy to clean, reversible, magnet closure that also can stick it to the fridge for easy finding!

Ways to enter this giveaway:
  1. Give a shout out saying, "hey, cool bibs!  need me one o' these!" and tell me what your baby likes to eat  OR.....
  2. Let your readers know about the giveaway on your blog or other website  OR....
  3. Followers always get a chance if they let me know they want one!
Three ways to win!  But.... what's that saying now?  All together.... You Gotta Play to WIN!!!  lol

You have through all of Tuesday 11/16/10 to post an entry comment or two or three.  The name of the lucky recipient will be posted on Wednesday.

Good luck to all who play!  And thanks for taking the chance ;-)

(Disclaimer:  I have not been nor will I be compensated in any way by or for conducting this giveaway.  I am in possession of these bibs by legal and above-board means... no hanky panky, deception, trickery, thievery, or other untoward behavior of any kind was involved).


  1. Seriously, how are there no comments here? Because, hey! cool bibs! :)

  2. I blogged about you!
    And it must be late, because I have this need to say "I bliggety blogged about you". Apparently my recent music choices are getting to me.

  3. I happened to check Catey's blog and I kind of feel bad for entering because if it weren't for her I wouldn't have known about the bibs, but "hey, cool bibs! need me one o' these!" I love the idea of sticking them to the fridge... I hate searching for bibs in my towel drawer. Also, my baby loves to eat sweet potatoes! Thanks for the cool giveaway.


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