15 November 2010

The Giveaway Insanity Continues! *Family Car Organizer*

This nifty bag/box will help control car clutter.  I ordered it awhile ago, and when it came, it just didn't fit on the seat the way I had imagined (not really sure exactly what I had in mind).  So I had planned on returning it... all boxed up and ready to go back to the supplier.  And then it sat... and sat... and sat.  And sat next to the front door for the next time I went to the post office.  Which never happened.  I hate going to the post office with my kids.  I hate it at least as much as some people hate going to the dentist ;-)  The wait is always too long, the space is always too crowded, there are too many very interesting forms and machines accessible to curious monkeys... and have I ever mentioned that my kids bicker?  I avoid the post office like one avoids dog doo on the sidewalk.  Wide berth.  

By the time we moved, several months had gone by and the window of opportunity on returning it had closed, so I moved it with us.  And it still sits in the packaged-up-and-ready-to-go box... never been used... pristine... MINT condition!  And now it is ready to be sent to the lucky winner of this giveaway!  I promise... PROMISE... I will be timely with shipping ;-)

The Family Car Organizer

You can read more about it here.

Ways to walk away with this awesome item:

  1. Be a follower, tell me you are and say something nice  (gets you two entries) OR...
  2. Share the info with others via your blog or website, and let me know you've done that  OR...
  3. Share with us what constitutes the bulk of YOUR car clutter!

Giveaway ends at the end of Wednesday 11/17/10.  Lots of ways to win... but.... yep... you've gotta play to win!

Best of luck to all!

(Disclaimer:  I have not been nor will I be compensated in any way by or for conducting this giveaway.  I am in possession of this item by legal and above-board means... no hanky panky, deception, trickery, thievery, or other untoward behavior of any kind was involved).


  1. My car clutter is insane! INSANE! I literally was thinking this was something I should get to organize in prep for the new little one, even though it's really for the old little one. Toys are everywhere. Then T eats snacks and they are everywhere. Books, crayons, you name it! We live a little out there, so we are in the car a lot and that leads to more clutter than I'd like.

  2. i'm a follower. And I think you pick cool names for the kiddos.

  3. my car clutter is mostly toys and CDs. Well--it WAS CDs until one of the punks in my neighborhood decided I didn't need them. : /

  4. We spend at least an hour or two in our swagger wagon each day, multiply by 3 kids and you have constant clutter. This would totally be better than the rubbermaid tote that currently resides in front of one of my kid's carseats.

  5. It's me again! Monopolizing your comments tonight! ha! :)
    I feel like I'm becoming a creepy follower after all the posts of yours that I've hit tonight.....

  6. Um, the real question is what doesn't make up my car clutter.

    Today I removed a pair of shoes, two pair of socks, a backpack, garbage (ugh!), a book, a plastic bag, a hot roller, and I kid you not, a massage table. Although technically that probably wouldn't count as clutter. I am embarrassed at how much is still in the car!

  7. I am a follower! Don't worry about hating going to the post office, I do too! I'm pretty sure I have a lot of things I need to send out but will wait until the last possible minute to avoid going there!

  8. I'm following! This would actually be for my husband who is the stay at home parent and a little OCD. This would really make his day!

  9. We just got a new van 5 days ago and I'm determined to keep the clutter down. Our last van was always a HUGE mess with 5 kids and all the stuff. So far 5 days in it is still clean but an organizer would help a ton!!! I'm following now!

  10. I follow you on google reader! Cool car organizer. It looks like it has a place for everything...which is probably why it didn't fit in your car, haha!


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