03 November 2010

Finding the magic...

My husband is so nice.  He puts up with my hare-brained schemes.  He goes along with my ideas because they often turn out to be pretty darn fun!  

I have always tended to be a planner.  I'll come up with an idea and mull it over and over and get all the kinks worked out, find all the costs, times, loopholes, stuff needed, etc. prior to presenting the plan.  (He might go along with some of the stuff because he really doesn't want to say "no" after I've worked so hard on the plan... I'm not sure).  This crack-pot notion of a spontaneous trip to Disneyland with four young children was different.  Not one shred of planning.  Not. A. One.  Within the space of 36 hours, the idea was conceived and implemented.  

With the exception of a little unnecessary-yet-not-out-of-character whining from Big G and a most bizarre and (fortunately temporary) Grinch-exchange-for-happy-husband plus a little trip to urgent care for me, the adventure was a great family-fun bonding experience.  

The Happiest Place on Earth.
The Magic Kingdom.

It was fun!  Thanks for letting me share it with you!

In the end, I think we did find the magic.


  1. I love the photos. It looks like perfect weather for walking through the park. It didn't seem like there were a lot of people either

  2. This weird EB October Break is the perfect time to go, I think. I was not crowded and wonderful weather... just like the pictures!


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