13 November 2010

6 Under 60!!!!

And can I just tell you how surprising that is?

My shorties this week just were agonizing.  S-l-o-w.  Flat.  Short.  Boring.  Nearly intolerable.  Of course, during the week I run at night.  I know, I know... be safe... there is a whole 'nuther post on that coming ;-)
However, getting up earlier than the family to run just ain't happenin'.  My babe (20 months old) gets up by 6.  Then the 5-year old is up around 6:30.  The 11-year old is up very shortly after that, and the 8-year old is awake by 7.  Between all the screaming and yelling and lunch-making and baby-nursing I have to do in the morning, there is plain no way I could run in the morning.  As far as during school hours and taking the babe with me, running strollers and me, well, we just don't work well together.  Had one once.  Finally sold it.  Best move for the both of us.  So I run at night.

My shorties are usually about 2 miles... sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.  And I am usually running for between 20 minutes and 30 minutes.  I drag my sorry behind out after all the kids are in bed... finally.... which is usually shortly after 8.  And of course by then I am exhausted, if not completely and entirely then at least totally emotionally.  Kids can take a lot out of you!

My longer weekend runs are such a treat!  Daylight!  Fresh!  Not down-trodden by the daily grind!  Today I did 6 miles.  The last time I ran 6 miles was in October of 2001.  I remember because it was when I was pregnant with Baby X.  I was faster when I was pregnant.  But I am no longer comparing the past with the present ;-)

Today is a glorious day here.  Just beautiful.  Sun shining, not hot, very slight breeze.  Perfect for a mellow weekend run.  Ran my "out" in 28 minutes just about exactly.  3 miles.  Contemplated calling home and having my husband round up all the kids and come pick me up.  lol   Then I shut up the voices in my head and started running.  What was so awesome was that running with the sun at my back in the morning made for some great long and lanky shadows.  My shadow looked HOT!  lol  My shadow looked like a "real" runner!  So I just tripped out on my awesomely athletic shadow for the next 29 minutes... exactly.  And I was home!

6 miles in exactly 57 minutes.  Go, me!

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  1. Woo-hoo!! Way to go!
    I wish I could say I was faster when I was pregnant. Not so much. But hey, now that I'm not pregnant anymore, even though I'm still slow as can be, at least I kind of feel fast! lol

    I had to laugh, your post kids in bed run opportunities sound like mine....run or collapse...hmmm... :P


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