18 November 2010

And the winner is....

envelope, please...

Cinderella II  !!!!!

This time there were a total of 17 possible winning entries.  Some people only had one; someone had 4.  The randomness was provided by Disney this time.  I took 17 identical-feeling (in size, shape, texture, etc.) DVDs and assigned a DVD to each entry... just went down the list of entries in chronological order and paired each up with a Disney DVD from my already-OCD-alphabetically-arranged selection from "Aladdin" to "Incredibles."  I put them all in an enormous box w/ a lid and shook 'em up really, really well.  Then I closed my eyes, thrust my hand into the darkness and pulled out "Cinderella II" who lined up to be...

Catey!  Again.

Sometimes randomness is sooooo random.  But she did hedge her bets and increase her chances with 4 possible ways to win.

Congrats to Catey!

Living proof that it pays to play.  lol

Thanks go out to everyone who participated!  There will be many more opportunities in the future :-)


  1. Sweet! Sounds good to me! :) Thanks!

  2. Holy Moly!

    That's how you got the winner?!

    You deserve a martini after that!

    congrats to the winner:)


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