03 November 2010

5 in 50!

All the Halloween madness and Lice Fest fun have kept me from writing a little blurb about my Sunday long run... I no longer need to put the word long in quotation marks (in my opinion, anyway)!  Five miles is a decent length for a run.

I had set out to run for 45 minutes, but it was a glorious day and I was feeling great.  So I set the turnaround timer for 25 minutes.  The tunes were rockin' on the way out so I was trotting along at what felt like a reasonable pace ... no longer trudging OR shuffling ;-)  I checked at the 1.8-mile mark (I know that's kinda weird but it is the measurable landmark) and still had 7+ minutes to go.  I ventured further down the trail... uncharted territories, but I knew that there was another even mile to the next intersection.

So I got to the intersection before the timer went off....uhhhhhhh.  I bumped some stupid thing on it :-(  But I do have a pretty good sense of pace, and I don't believe that it dropped off... much.

Turning around, set the timer again for 25 minutes.  I made it to the measured 2.5-mile mark from that start point BEFORE the timer went off!  Go, me!

So I actually ran more than 5 miles.  But I also ran for longer than 50 minutes.  But I really do think I can claim the 5 in 50 even if none of it is accurate.  Especially since I am trying to lose that OCD edge ;-)

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