26 November 2010

A Most Understanding Husband

He is.

Yes, he questioned the sanity of me getting up super-duper early to drive a long time to a place I've never been to run for a half an hour with people I've never met and then drive a long time home... on Thanksgiving.  Hmmmm... might be a shred of rationality in his "concern"  ;-)

But when the man then spends the entire morning with 4 children, making pancakes and folding Clothespile Peak (actually successfully getting the children to help with said folding) AND completely and immaculately cleans the kitchen that his running wife destroyed the night before with all of her Thanksgiving preparations and then left for the elves... you know this man is definitely a KEEPER.  Clearly, he more than understands... he groks.

This is the scene every morning.  I am not kidding.  He is The Morning Guy... takes the first shift just about every time.  He understands that I take a little time to get going, but that once I am up to speed I am good to go for even the longest of hauls.  I am The Night Lady.  (I think that's part of why I'm not also The Morning Lady).

When I think about giving thanks... any time of year, but especially on Thanksgiving... truly the first thing that pops into my mind is the man you see in the picture above.  My most understanding and loving and hard-working husband.

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  1. AHHHH!! So sweet!

    What a guy!!

    Mine let me take the big kids to the movies with friends. When I got home the baby was happy and the dishes were done. :)

    Yeah for awesome husbands!


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