20 November 2010

Batman is NOT a superhero...

I learned something new the other day (along with what chuthers and darps are).  I learned that, contrary to popular belief, Batman is NOT a superhero!  My five-year old spent a little time schooling me properly as to who is and who isn't a superhero...

Some examples of real superheroes...


Batman Beyond, Spidey, Elastoman, Captain America, Nightwing, Shazam...
all heroes.

But this guy:

No way.

No matter how Batman arrives on the scene...

No matter how he's dressed...

Even in this spiffy SILVER suit!  (ooooooooo, cool...)

Neither big nor small...

Not. A. Superhero.

And this guy:

Also NOT a superhero.

Green Lantern either:

Even inside of his force field, like this:

In fact, ALL of THESE guys (and gals) are NOT superheroes:

Each one of them is Just A Sleeve.

And don't try to tell my son that he's wrong.

I can't wait until he learns to read.


  1. Very interesting to know... that's quite a collection of super (and I guess not so super) hero's you have.

  2. Honestly, Laurie, this isn't even half of the stash. And there are villains, too. Two boys and a great local consignment store... hard to not accumulate. Of course, after reading this post, my 11-year old went on and on and on about the technical and factual side of the discussion... aliens vs. superheroes, superheroes vs. heroes, technoadvantaged vs. genetically enhanced... for like an hour... on and on and on...

  3. I LOVE YOUR KIDS. their neuroses make them so incredible! have they seen Megamind yet? i just saw it, and i think i need some of Q-man's advice about whether he's a superhero or a supervillan or...

  4. OK, don't tell him that Nightwing is really just Robin with a WAY better outfit. Other than that, I'm TOTALLY down with his definition of a Super Hero, but (full disclosure) I'm a huge Spidey fan.

  5. And I suppose Jesus Christ isn't our savior. And that the Devil does not embody evil. And that Ellen Degeneres is a closet heterosexual.

    YOU people!!


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