30 October 2010

This one goes out to Corblue

Thought of you last night on my run.  Took this for you.  Hope it doesn't make you miss it more.  In case it isn't obvious (lol), it is a not-very-good picture of the SF skyline at dusk.  No acorns or wet fallen leaves to slip on.  Just some goose poop from the Canada geese honking overhead.

Twilight is a really awkward time for me to run.  First of all, visibility isn't great.  Second of all, I would much rather be eating dinner!  But rain had been threatening all day and I really wanted to get the run in before it started.  Lately rain hasn't bothered me, but I was needing to wear my glasses because of the trichiasis and subsequent epilation with forceps (see yesterday's blog entry).  Glasses and rain-running are just not a good combo.  Add in the dusk lack of visibility and you may as well be running blindfolded.

I had been wishing I could run before the usual 9 p.m. because of the weather.  Wishing without much hope... Then my husband came home early!  Yay!  But he still had some work to take care of at home.  Boo... But he said he just needed about an hour, so I got the kids fed (sort of) and changed into my gear. It was just getting to that lack-of-light point that I was hoping to finish before... but no such luck.  I headed out to the bayside trail, put my music on and started going.

I ran for 30 minutes.  It was a little over 3 miles, I'm guessing.  It was a good run.  Not great but solid anyway.  And I did beat the rain... it started falling as I was stretching out in the front yard!  Hip seems to be holding up alright.  Looking forward to a longer run on Sunday (thinking of going for 45 minutes... doing time instead of miles) and a timed mile at the end of the week (just to mix it up a bit).  I haven't got "it" back yet but it sure feels nice to be on the right path!


  1. Hope you are being careful, running in the dark. I am always a bit afraid-unless it is a very well lit neighborhood.

  2. It wasn't actually dark until I was done. I left the house around 6. This picture makes it look darker than it really was. I actually finished up the last half of the run in a well-lit and super safe area. I appreciate you looking out for me!

  3. Gorgeous photo! Thank you! I am a little homesick but thank you so much for thinking of me!

    I'm going to be in the area for one day this week (my cousin's wedding). I am planning a very early morning run around Lake Merritt with an old running buddy. I'm so excited it's all I can think about.

    Good for you for getting out and running!!


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