08 October 2010

In the beginning...

There were shoes. 
They were new.
They were good.

 So after making through a month in my ancient Asics, I splurged... new shoes.  I had forgotten how pricey these puppies are!  Ouch!  But after all that retail running store training I had a million years ago I know I needed to get them.  A sweet pair of Saucony ProGrid Ride 3.  I love 'em!  

So nice!

I am up to two miles without stopping now.  Woo hoo!  And I need to keep reminding myself, "baby steps, baby steps."  I have decided to do a timed mile run at the beginning of every month.  So funny... and not ha ha (though it actually may be to those who watch it)... literally trudging along for time!  The first one was on Saturday 10/2 and I sped over the distance in 8:45.  Heh heh... wonder how long it'll take to knock 3 minutes off that?  lol  And I am shooting for doing a 5K over Thanksgiving weekend.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the hip stays healthy!


  1. Good for you!
    I stopped running when we got to Pgh except for the occasional fun run. I started again then sprained my ankle. I hope to start again soon.
    Running around Lake Merritt is my favorite Bay Area place to go. There's a race every fourth Sunday. www.lmjs.org

  2. oooo... thanks, Corey! I am about to enter my first 5K since starting back up.


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