23 October 2010

Motivation and Opportunity

Seems like it is hard to get these in sync sometimes.  When I am highly motivated to run, squeezing it in is often difficult.  When I have time unfettered by children, I often feel exhausted and sluggish... running is one of the last things I think I want to do.  Anyone else feel this?

Right now I feel like I am in a groove.  Last week's "long" run was great!  I had two decent, shorter runs during the week.  I want to go running now!  But.... the husband is out of town.  And it's raining.  The rain doesn't bug me at all.  But it means I can't get the kids easily on their bikes and the baby in the stroller and make them come along.

Think.  Think.  There has to be a way.

I'll let you know!

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