18 October 2010

Bad behavior in the grocery store...

Not the kids ...

me :-(

Monday is grocery shopping day.  I have been working to make it a once-a-week-ONLY event.  I have been very successful with this for the past 6 weeks or so, although by Sunday it's pretty slim pickin's in the pantry.  (what can you make with quinoa, cocktail onions and mustard?  mmmmmm).

Okay, so.... back to my purge confession...

I had dropped of the kids at school and ventured to the awesome grocery store across the street with Miss C in tow.  She is a super cutie...

She is 19 months old and talks crazy good and sings and is fun.  She was cutely singing "up and down" in a sweet and quiet voice while I was checking out the apples about 3 feet away.  All of a sudden I hear


I turn around immediately and see this old guy slinking quickly away.  I look around sort of bewildered at what I think just happened.  Another customer catches my eye and very sympathetically nods her head as I ask out loud, "Did that really happen?"  She says, "That was SO wrong..."

As I am standing there, somewhat shocked that someone would get all up in a BABY'S face and essentially scream "shhhhh" at her, the old guy turns and looks at me and sees the expression of disbelief and disgust on my face.  He makes a mocking face at me as he approaches.  I tell him to stay away from my baby.  He tells me to keep my baby from screaming in the store. "I'm trying to shop here," he growls.  I say something about her being a baby and that he probably was one, too, at one point.  He loudly tells me he doesn't need my crap.  So I called him an a**hole.

Not good.

There was a mini-escalation, in the middle of which I went looking for a manager.  I wish I had just done that from the beginning.  Or better yet, just realized the dude has serious issues and just walked away.

I feel better now.

Lesson learned.

Thanks for listening.


  1. Hi!
    First, thanks for commenting on my blog;-) good to find you.
    and...I think old guys have a prob w/lil kids. I've had a similar experience as well as a few friends of mine. you're not alone!;-)

  2. I wonder if that other person was me? This story seems familiar....

    I don't remember anybody calling an old dude an asshole, though. GOOD JOB.


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