23 October 2010

"This dance ain't for everybody..."

"Only the sexy people..."

Thanks, Salt N Pepa, for helping me feel sexy while running in the rain.

"So all you fly mothers (that's me!), get on out there and .... "  run!

I had such a wonderful run this afternoon!  Yay, Grandma, for coming over and helping out!  Hugs and kisses for you!

Four miles.  Forty minutes.  Rain.  Saw no one else out there until the end.  Which was a good thing...

Note to self:   white is not a good choice for a top when running in the rain.

Addendum:  Ab work is a good idea.  Especially if wearing a white top while running in the rain.

The Wet T-Shirt Contest gold-medalist effect was diminished by the double running bra ensemble.  The totally transparent wet white t-shirt plastered to the jiggly pink, post-baby (still milking that excuse for all it's worth!) belly is just NOT a sexy look... no matter how good Salt N Pepa makes me feel.  (sorry, no pictures).

I noticed this right before the turn-around.

I was glad no one else was out there.

But it was a divine run!

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