22 January 2011


things I am not afraid of:

smoke detectors

they just are like an extra loud timer going off...
veggies are done!


though they might seem scary at first

they eventually start melting in our atmosphere

until they are like a blue pancake on the counter

or a nasty puddle of goo in Darth Vader's Jedi Fighter.

dive bars

especially ones that open for biz at 8 a.m.

Captain Hook

even if he's toting a sword AND a gun.
... and sporting Buzz Lightyear socks. 

marrying a man with 6 kids

the more, the merrier... right?

the eye of the law

'cuz I know that as soon as the eye slips, law will be blind.

Looking foolish in the name of fun (or any other time for that matter...)

be it dressed as BatMom...

chewing bones as a pregnant (no, I am not just fat) dominatrix...

or parading around in my wedding gown with the price tag still attached ($9.99, baby!) while pushing a baby cow around in a stroller.


Add to the list of things of which I am, generally speaking, unafraid...for the most part...are:
hard work,
financial insecurity.

Sure, there is more... but I'll stop there :)

There isn't a whole lot that really scares me.

One of the things I am most afraid of is swimming in the ocean.  Really.  

What are you afraid of?

What are you not afraid of that other people tend to be afraid of?


  1. I am scared to death of scary movies. Ever since I lived by myself in college I can not watch a scary movie or t.v. Show like Criminal Minds!! :@)

  2. Ah-same fear! I can't swim in the ocean. I only put my feet in. I will never be able to do a major triathlon because 1.) I guess I don't want to and 2.) i couldn't handle the open water.

    Fun post. Pregnant dominatrix! That is too funny! You have such a great sense of humor!

  3. ok...now I feel we REALLY must meet...you are wonder-woman :) As for me???? After this mommy-gig, not much scares me. Bring it on!

  4. Loved your words and pictures. I am scared of the ocean in general..so ominous. I'm scared when my husband leaves for long out of town trips (or short ones too)...this happens often...I think I fear losing him...when my dad died, my mom was left with us three kids at about the same age as my kids are now so sometimes I find myself being afraid when I know really I just need to not give energy to it...silly fears. Oh, and I hate confrontation but am getting better at it after two job shares with other teachers where I just had to learn to speak my mind.

    Great pics!

  5. oh, and death. I'm afraid to die. Does this ever go away? So many people I know say they don't fear it but i'm terrified of it.

  6. Vomit. Not my own, but someone else throwing up around me. Don't like my own much either.

  7. Amanda, I am terrified of it too. I have a great respect for life and worry about being taken from my family too soon. And Marj, the ocean. Yeah, me too. Jellyfish and sharks are unsettling enough but the unknown that lurks beneath your dangling feet is positively terrifying. You should see my in an ocean kayak. I am probably the stillest person you will ever see for fear of dumping myself in with the slightest movement. And my final fear of the big ones is driving between two big trucks on the road. I cannot have two trucks lined up evenly on either side of me. I have to accellerate the hell outta that sandwich.

  8. Love the wedding dress! Hot bride! :)

  9. Hate snakes...hate them with a passion. Terrified of seeing them in the wild...you know without cages? But I don't want to pass that onto my kids. Just this weekend I spent an hour in a pet store looking at snakes with my 7 year old...commenting about interesting the scales are and how many patterns there are...you should have seen me back pedal when the shop owner asked if we wanted to hold one!

  10. I'm terrified of going over bridges and falling through ice (read: drowning). Ironic, since I'm a really strong swimmer. Still....

  11. Ok. This. Is. My. Favorite. Post. Of. Yours. Ever.

    Hotsy totsy. Too. Awesome.

  12. Ditto on the ocean swimming. I just do not belong in the ocean. I am a human and I accept that. In the ocean is just not where I am supposed to be. Talk about a fish out of water!

    And I can't walk across those steel grates in the ground. Wether they are over a drain or anything else I just feel like I am tempting fate walking across them. I mean really, if you walk over a loose one and fall in, aren't you the dumba*s who walked over the grate? Then again that goes back to my ocean fear. If you get bit by a shark aren't you the dumba*s swimming with sharks?

  13. LOL. I hear you about the smoke detectors!

  14. Wow, you are BA, woman! Look at all those thing you're not afraid of.

    I am afraid of many things, including, but not limited to: failure, the sneaking suspicion I'm just a wise and not a "real runner", hard work, confrontation, adversity, sadness, pain, Financial insecurity, my children making wrong choices, my children being hurt and unhappy, the ocean, bugs, arachnids, screwing up, And so on and so forth....

  15. Btw, why were you parading around in your $10 wedding dress? And how did you get it so dang inexpensively?

  16. That dress was my Halloween costume! It was from a thrift store and had an unsightly yellow stain all across the skirt... niiiiiice.

  17. Ah ha! That would explain it. :).

    Per my first comment. I meant "wuss", not "wise". Dang autocorrect.


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