13 January 2011

Fast Train to Bedtime

And with a cry of 
"As fast as possible!"

They're off...


The other night I drew inspiration from my children.  I put them to bed and set out for my 'tempo' run.  I am following an Automated Training Program, and it was Tempo Night.

That morning my fabulous and thoughtful husband picked up a watch for me.  A running watch.  So that I could time myself without getting hurt.  I'd been using my cellphone for music and timing... it is rather large and I carry it in a protective, velcro-fastened pouch so I don't break it.  I usually run in the dark, and when I fumble around while getting the phone out of the pouch, sometimes I trip and I always slow down and it is just a drag.  So now I have a groovy watch!  I spent 5 minutes reviewing the instructions and another 15 trying to fold the 'manual' back up so that it would fit into the little watchbox, stretched out and away I went.

While I am apparently really crappy at figuring out how fast I am running overall, I am really good at maintaining a steady pace.  I used to have that knack even in rowing... the Human Metronome.  My Automated Training Program wants me to run this 2-mile tempo run at "10K pace" which they have determined to be 9:30/mile.  The bad news is I did not hit that number.  The good news is I did the 2 miles in 16:50.  And it felt like a push but definitely not like all I had... it felt right.  So I am getting faster.  A month ago, my mile time-trial was 8:17... and that was a balls-to-the-wall, haul-ass-fast, kill myself for that mile kind of feeling.  Yay.

I have 4 months to be able to run 8 min miles for 7.46 miles... with hills ... in order to match my fantasy goal.  Sometimes the process is just too slow for impatient me!


  1. You have plenty of time to get fast and it sounds like you're doing a great job! I really want t new watch too- mine cost about 11 dollars and the stopwatch stops at 59:59. Hmmmmm? And that's its only feature- not cool!

  2. Awesome! Sounds like a great run...I have been using the treadmill at the gym to pace my intervals and when spring hits I am going to need a watch too. What do you think of yours?

  3. I really like the watch so far. It can do 50 laps (lol... as if) and it does intervals (which was a key selling point for me). It also tells the regular time (!) and lights up in the dark. It has been a long time since I've had a watch. It's a Timex Triathlon or Ironman or something like that... pretty sleek even though I got the guys model because the numbers and buttons are bigger. Retailed for about $65.

  4. But you're getting there...a little more each day. Good for you!

  5. So glad you had a good run! :) This video is priceless. So happy. And I love your youngest just toddling around! How old?

  6. Thanks, Kristy!

    And Amanda, she is going to be 2 in March. This video was in October, I think. So I 'cheated' a little ;-)


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