26 January 2011

Week of Wunning in Weview...

I used all 'w's to go with Wednesday... just in case y'all didn't catch that ;-)

I've been neglecting the running component of my blog... not because I haven't been running (well, actually I did have to take some time off because of puking my guts up) but because things have been rough around this neck o' the woods and I used the ol' blog for a little levity in my life.

So here's what happened on the running front:

I ran last Wednesday during the day!  It was a 'speedwork' day.  Warm up, drills, a mile@10K pace (1:30 jog); 2x800@5K pace (2 min jog); a mile@10K pace (1:30 jog); cool down.  Total of 5 miles.

It is clear to me that I need to slow the heck down.  That first mile was faster than the last mile time trial I ran in early December.  So to run a mile as part of a workout faster than my bust-a-gut, keel-over-when-you're-done single mile... ummm... so I am getting faster, but there is no way I could sustain that pace for 10K... even if being chased by a frothing doberman toting a plastic bag.  The times were 8:10 for my first mile (pretty even splits of 4:06 and 4:04).  The first 800 was in 4:05.  It was then I knew I didn't have enough in the tank and needed to rein it in.  The second 800 was 4:16 and the second mile was 8:49.  Much more realistic and reasonable for what I was supposed to be doing.

On Friday night I did an 'easy' 2 miles... 10-minute miles.  It was pretty easy.

I was really looking forward to my long run on Sunday and had prepared my family for the event.  I was going to make them all come with me to the hilly run.  They could walk or bike or scooter or whatever.  Dad would keep an eye on them while I ran until I couldn't see straight (about 8 miles).

But I awoke at 4 a.m. feeling a might peaked.  (pronounced pee-kid... means 'not so good').  At 6 a.m. it was imminent... I ran to the bathroom.  I did it.  The nasty.  I hate vomiting.  I protest.  I resist.  This time, I couldn't.  And I discovered something else about our super sucky toilets.  In addition to being the biggest water-wasting, plunger-hungry low-flow toilets in creation... this particular one has what I'll call a very shallow "drop".  This means that it isn't like a bowl full of water.  It is more like a oval platter of porcelain with a small teacup of water at the far end.  This makes for lots of splatter.  Really gross.  Sorry... oversharing.

No run on Sunday.

I was still recovering until today.

Tonight's run started at 8:35.  It was supposed to be a bunch of 400's.  I have realized that I can only do speedy stuff every other week.  My hip is just not strong enough to hold form and not tighten up yet.  I will get injured.  My old mentality is just too ingrained... "kill the workout! kill it!"  So instead I did a relaxed 4.5 miles.  It took just under 43 minutes.  I do a 0.75 mile loop inside The Gate for my longer short runs.  My splits were 7:29, 7:24, 7:09, 6:53, 6:55, and 7:03.  Pretty consistent once I got loosened up.

There ya have it... Wednesday's wunning weecap ;-)


  1. Sorry you were feeling yucky. Must be because you said you loved Barney...at least I felt like puking. :) ha ...just kidding. I love you and your blog anyway. :)

    Good for you for knowing your body and knowing you should only do speed once a week. Great workouts. consistent!

  2. Geesh-you are getting FAST! Leaving us slowpokes in the dust.... :P
    Oh-I have to tell you, I was at a friend's house with a low flow toilet and hardly any water, and I thought of you. hahaha! Don't you appreciate that a toilet brought you to mind? You'd think you are SUAR or somthing. Sorry about the splatter. ick.

  3. Ok, jus goa sa, when I read our ile, I hough ou were making fun of m speech impedimen.

    AND, hrowing up in a shallow oile has i's advanages. A leas ou can examine our vomi a a close range o see wha he problem was :) No need for a microscope, binoculars, or bifocals!

  4. I am so not where you are but I want to be! I need to step up my game...

  5. Thanks for stopping by my Blog. Nice job on the speed work. It does beat down the body, eh? Intervals 1X week is what I mostly do. Sounds like you recovered from the flu, some people were down longer.

  6. Hmmm speed work every other week...food for thought. Hope you're feeling better!


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